The Department has a requirement for an IT Service Provider to operate an IT Service Desk (IT Services) providing first level support, second level end user compute support and selected IT service management services on a 24x7 basis for all ICN infrastructure (ICN High and ICN Low), utilising DFAT’s supplied service management tool that will be hosted on the ICN High and ICN Low networks.


The Department is also seeking that the IT Service Provider reviews existing ITSM processes, and develops, improved and/or implement new ITSM processes and associated workflows (Transformation Services) for DFAT’s First Level, Second Level and Third Level IT Service Management Services, which will be delivered by both the IT Service Provider and DFAT Resolver Groups to uplift the maturity of DFAT’s ITSM processes to ensure effective delivery of the IT Services.


ITSM Toolset: The Department is also seeking a new ITSM Toolset to be provided by an ITSM Toolset Provider, which will be used to support all ITSM processes globally, hosted on the ICN High and ICN Low networks, aligned with the Whole of Government Enterprise Resource Planning (GovERP) agenda.


The Department is also seeking that the ITSM Toolset Provider will support, maintain and manage the ITSM Toolset in accordance with DFAT requirements.

Deadline DateNone Provided
Publication Date2022-08-09
Procurement StatusActive
SourceAustralian Government Tender System (AusTender)

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