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Research and Markets has announced the addition of the "Advancements in Atmospheric Water Generation Technology" report to their offering.

More than one in every six people in the world lack sufficient access to potable water. Global water stress is the major driver for innovative water technologies. Atmospheric water generation, that is, converting atmospheric moisture into water, may provide an efficient solution to meet the water requirements of people living in arid and semi arid areas. This Future Tech TOE focuses on technology advances Atmostpheric Water Generation. It provides an in-depth analysis of drivers, challenges, and analyst insights.

The Future Tech TechVision Opportunity Engine (TOE) captures emerging innovations in research and development, or profile existing technologies which have seen a resurgence in terms of new markets and applications. It usually provides a technology overview, drivers, challenges, research and development, analyst insights and key patent information. In some cases, technology convergence scenarios and future growth opportunities are outlined. It covers innovations and technologies in a variety of industry spaces including manufacturing, sensors, electronics, information and communications technologies, networks, lighting technologies, healthcare, medical devices, materials and coatings, and developments in the energy sector that contribute toward a sustainable and greener world.

The Environment and Sustainability cluster tracks developments and industry trends in technologies that contribute to the betterment of the environment or enable/aid environmental protection/preservation, mitigation and sustainability.

Key Topics Covered:

Atmospheric Water Generation for Converting Atmospheric Moisture in to Clean Drinking Water

- Technology Background for Atmospheric Water Generation

- Important Types of Atmospheric Water Generation Technologies

- Drivers and Restraints for Atmospheric Water Generation

- Region-wise Technology Development Scenario

Key Programs and Innovations in Atmospheric Water Generation

- Electrically Improved Harvesting of Water from Atmosphere

- Sustainable Hybrid Water Generators for the Conversion of Moisture to Water

- Pocket-sized Solar Powered Device for Generating Water from Ambient Air

- Installation of Solar Collector in Asphalt Paved Roads for Water Generation

Strategic Insights on Atmospheric Water Generation

- Water Scarcity in Major Developing Countries is a Key Driver for Developing Atmospheric Water Generation Technologies

The Road Ahead for Atmospheric Water Generation

- Technology Roadmap for Atmospheric Water Generation

Key Patents and Contacts

- Patents Related to Atmospheric Water Generation

- Patents Related to Atmospheric Water Generation

- Patents Related to Atmospheric Water Generation

- Industry Contacts

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