BluMetric Announces Profitable Second Quarter in FY2017

OTTAWA, May 30, 2017 /CNW/ - BluMetric Environmental Inc. (TSXV: BLM), an Ottawa-based cleantech company, announced sales of $7.2 million and net income of $90,000 in the unaudited results for its second quarter ended March 31, 2017.

Financial Highlights

    --  Year-to-date revenue is $15.5 million, a reduction of 2% compared to
        $15.9 million for the six months ended March 31, 2016.
    --  Revenue for the quarter decreased 9% to $7.2 million compared to $7.9
        million for the quarter ended March 31, 2016. Professional Services
        revenue of $4.9 million decreased $200,000 quarter over quarter, while
        Water Systems revenue of $2.3 million showed a decrease of $500,000. The
        decline in the Water Systems revenue can be mainly attributed to the
        length of the sales cycles for new engineered solutions projects.
    --  Gross margin decreased slightly to 22% compared to 24% for the same
        quarter in fiscal 2016, mostly arising from lower margins in Water
        Systems relating to the reduced number of ongoing engineered solutions
        projects, offset slightly by an improved margin in Professional
        Services. Year-to-date gross margin is 21%, consistent with the previous
    --  Operating costs remained consistent with the same quarter in the prior
        year at $1.4 million.
    --  Net income for the quarter was $90,000 compared to a net income of
        $289,000 for the same quarter in fiscal 2016.  In the six-month period,
        net income was $318,000 compared to $304,000 in the previous year.
    --  EBITDA (see Note 1 definition below) in the quarter decreased to
        $353,000 from $663,000 for the same quarter in fiscal 2016, and in the
        six months decreased to $868,000 from $1.0 million in the same period in
        the previous year.

Operational Highlights

    --  BluMetric continues to drive business development and research and
        innovation to increase sales in its identified target markets.

Operational Highlights (cont'd)

    --  BluMetric's Professional Services group:
        --  posted ongoing successes in Canada's North, including the
            diversification of work into hazardous substance and chemical
            reviews as well as remote community drilling programs;
        --  successfully completed significant and challenging government work,
            proving the utility of several innovative new approaches in remote
    --  BluMetric's Water Systems group:
        --  made substantial progress on a mining engineered solutions contract
            that expands the Company's product and service profile;
        --  implemented an improved project management system to increase
            efficiencies through the full life cycle of our projects.


Historically, a substantial portion of the business generated by Professional Services has come from the mining sector, which has been rebounding for the past three quarters. As a result, Professional Services has seen increased activity in this vertical.

Creative collaboration between Professional Services and Water Systems recently resulted in an order for new technology with an established client. BluMetric sees opportunities for this type of business development in the coming quarters in mining, as well as in other traditional verticals.

The mining sector is also showing increased interest in the Company's ammonia reduction systems (MARS), which was the core technology in a recent contract. The patent-pending MARS technology is also applicable to the Food & Beverage vertical, where the Company is currently pilot testing the product in different applications. Pilot tests on landfill leachate have proved the viability of the product in what has been identified as another emerging and growing market.

"BluMetric's products and services have been developed to address specific client needs, which are partially driven by environmental regulations," said Roger Woeller, CEO of BluMetric. "The Company has developed and delivered expertise and technology that reduce its clients' operating and capital costs, which differentiates BluMetric from its competitors and is part of the Company's strategy for future growth. As part of this strategy, BluMetric continues to evaluate potential partnerships with the suppliers of complementary technologies, innovative products, and cost-effective services to add value to our solutions."

Financial Summary

               Three Months Ended        Three Months Ended         Six Months Ended          Six Months Ended
                 March 31, 2017            March 31, 2016            March 31, 2017            March 31, 2016
                 --------------            --------------            --------------            --------------

                                  ($000)                    ($000)                   ($000)                    ($000)
                                   -----                      -----                     -----                      -----

    Revenue                        7,219                      7,920                    15,507                     15,857
    -------                        -----                      -----                    ------                     ------

     profit                        1,604                      1,913                     3,300                      3,389
    -------                        -----                      -----                     -----                      -----

     margin %                      22%                       24%                      21%                       21%
    ---------                        ---                        ---                       ---                        ---

     expenses                      1,349                      1,368                     2,269                      2,605
    ---------                      -----                      -----                     -----                      -----

    EBITDA(1)                        353                        663                       868                      1,044
    --------                         ---                        ---                       ---                      -----

     EBITDA(2)                       360                        505                       841                        777
    ----------                       ---                        ---                       ---                        ---

    Net income                        90                        289                       318                        304
    ----------                       ---                        ---                       ---                        ---

    Income per
     -basic                         0.00                       0.01                      0.01                       0.01
    ----------                      ----                       ----                      ----                       ----

    Income per
     -diluted                       0.00                       0.01                      0.01                       0.01
    ----------                      ----                       ----                      ----                       ----

    Note 1: EBITDA is a non-IFRS
     measure and is calculated as net
     income before interest expense,
     income taxes, depreciation, and

    Note 2: Adjusted EBITDA is a non-
     IFRS measure and is calculated as
     EBITDA, gain or loss on foreign
     exchange, stock-based
     compensation, gain or loss on sale
     of property plant and equipment,
     unrealized gains on investments
     held for sale, and impairment of

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BluMetric Environmental Inc. is a publicly traded cleantech company with a portfolio of industry-leading products, processes, and services in the environment sciences and engineering sectors. We take pride in our strong record of providing sustainable solutions to the world's environmental challenges. Headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario, BluMetric's award-winning team of industry experts serves clients in Canada, the United States, and Central America.

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