Jibestream Announces Support for Google and Apple Indoor Maps

TORONTO, June 20, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Jibestream, the premier indoor mapping platform provider, announced today support for GeoJSON open standard format maps, thereby extending clients the option to share Jibestream's high-fidelity indoor maps globally via Google Maps and Apple Maps.

Jibestream merges the location dimension into enterprise business applications by creating hyper accurate multi-dimensional maps. With Jibestream map conversion tools, clients now have control over which aspects of their spaces can be made available to the public via Google Maps and Apple Maps. This puts clients in full control of their maps, while also enabling them to leverage the Jibestream platform to act as a single source of truth for their publicly facing maps.

By defining map layers in Jibestream, converted maps can represent an unlimited array of interior components, including but not limited to elevators, stairs, washrooms, stores, rooms and even parking lots. The availability of these details allows Google Maps and Apple Maps users to seamlessly navigate between outdoor and indoor spaces with precision and ease.

"We have always recognized that a person's experience does not start at the front-door of a venue. In order to create a seamless journey, it's critical that there is a frictionless hand-off between outdoor maps and indoor maps," said Chris Wiegand, CEO and co-founder of Jibestream. "Providing venues the ability to share their up-to-date maps with Google and Apple offers the best experience for visitors while also giving venue operators the ability to manage ongoing changes in real-time and be in total control of what data is shared to third parties."

The Jibestream indoor mapping platform powers multiple use cases including experiential wayfinding, asset tracking, business intelligence, facilities management and more. More information on Jibestream is available at www.jibestream.com.

About Jibestream
Jibestream is an award-winning software company that specializes in merging the location dimension into enterprise solutions for real-time visual intelligence. The company's premier indoor mapping platform gives developers the tools to create tailored map-enabled web and mobile applications while having centralized management of all associated data. For more information, please visit www.jibestream.com.

Contact: Jody Shaffer, 416-502-9455, jshaffer@jibestream.com

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