Peter & Lesley Bracey Home Improvements: London Fire Ignites the Concern of the Use of Noncompliant External Cladding on Australian Buildings

SYDNEY, June 23, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Following the recent London fire, several unpleasant questions have been raised about the use of flammable cladding materials in hundreds of high-rise buildings in Sydney. Peter Bracey of Peter & Lesley Bracey Home Improvements, points out that all experts suggest the use of Australian Fire Standard Compliant Palliside Cladding is the best way ahead to keep the buildings safe from the potential threats of a fire hazard.

Around eighty people were reported dead or missing following the recent incident of a fire that broke out in London's twenty-four storey Grenfell Tower. Primary investigations suggest that inappropriate cladding used in a recent refurbishment of the building may have led to this tragedy. Following the London fire, a number of experts are suggesting that the cladding material responsible for London disaster is present in thousands of buildings in Sydney.

It may be recalled that the Lacrosse Residential Apartment Building in Docklands, Melbourne fell prey to a similar fire hazard in November 2014. It was found that composite aluminium polystyrene cladding material used in this building, was flammable and not tested to Australian standards.

Cladding is an extra layer of protection attached to the framework of a building or an intermediate layer of spacers or battens. It is used primarily to stop wind and rain, and offer thermal and sound insulation. The Australian fire standard (AS1530.3) clearly specifies the desired qualities of the cladding materials to be used. Moreover, the National Construction Code (NCC) requires all buildings to have non-combustible external walls to prevent fire from spreading. Unofficial sources claim that over two and a half thousand buildings in Sydney are currently non-compliant in terms of the use of cladding materials with fears the repair costs could run into tens of billions of dollars Australia-wide.

Peter Bracey, an experienced cladding installation expert, strongly recommends using Australia-made Palliside Cladding to protect the Australian buildings from potential fire hazards. Palliside cladding is the most preferred alternative for the prevention of fire hazards because this material is self-extinguishing and has a fire ignition rate of zero.

Over a period of 48 years, Peter Bracey's business Peter & Lesley Bracey Home Improvements has been offering the highest level of services in this region for non-flammable cladding, roofing, awnings, windows and doors, and gutters. Their Palliside cladding systems are designed and engineered for Australia's extreme climate, and has been used successfully in the reconstruction of houses in the bush fired ravaged areas of Victoria. Peter's Palliside cladding conforms to Australian Standards (AS1530.3). The cladding offers zero ignitability, zero evolved heat, and zero spread of flame.

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About Peter & Lesley Bracey Home Improvements: Peter & Lesley Bracey Home Improvements is a premier renovation operation company based in New South Wales that focuses on exterior facilities. They provide services for Palliside cladding, roofing, awnings, windows and doors, and gutters. Peter handles the overall projects, while Lesley manages the office. The company is fully insured and holds a comprehensive builder's license, gaining the trust of customers for more than 48 years now. They also provide a 7-year labour guarantee and a 25-year material warranty at fixed pricing.




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