Finance After Fintech: Autonomous Research lays out blueprint for financial industry 2030 in "Future Vision" analysis

COPENHAGEN, Denmark, June 28, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Autonomous Research, a global research firm focused on financial services, announced today at the Money 20/20 Europe conference the release of a publication giving strategic guidelines for financial incumbents, B2C and B2B startups, and high-technology companies competing in the Fintech economy. Key themes are banks-as-a-platform, Fintech startup funding and feasibility, and the "attention economy" in which Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon compete.

The analysis is the second product of the firm's Autonomous NEXT effort, built around in-depth analysis of banking innovation and Fintech. Key points include:

    --  Vision of industry in 2030. (1) The front office will see the rise of
        artificially intelligent software agents working with big-data (2) in
        the middle office, most work will be done by software, continuously
        "taught" by human designers and (3) the back office will see widespread
        distributed ledger adoption.
    --  Financial firms vs. startups vs. high-tech firms - who wins?  Depending
        on execution, the result can be Renaissance or Armageddon for financial
        incumbents. It is also essential to understand the "attention economy"
        which drives how high-tech firms will enter the industry.
    --  Global Fintech investment was at a record high in 2016 at $17.7 billion,
        with an increasingly large portion from Asia. Many start-ups will fail,
        yet there are plenty of unicorns with viable paths to success.

Autonomous explores these questions using a proprietary unifying framework for fintech innovation. By analyzing these themes together, the report lays out both a futurist and practical discussion for operating companies and investing in disruptors.

"We are often asked about the impact of Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon on financial services," said Lex Sokolin, Global Director of Fintech Strategy. "In this deep dive, we explore the strategic chess pieces to understand the motivations and game-theory outcomes of the digitization of financial services." Full details about Autonomous NEXT can be found here:

Founded in 2009, Autonomous Research has distinguished itself with in-depth, unbiased investment research on global banks, brokers, asset managers, insurance, information services, payment-technology, mortgage finance and consumer finance companies. Autonomous NEXT, the Fintech practice within Autonomous Research LLP, explores the impact of technology on the future of finance. Autonomous services are not suitable for Retail investors; for disclaimer see For press, email

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