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Gulf Glass Manufacturing Co. K.S.C (GGMC), was incorporated as a shareholding Kuwaiti company on 27 December 1981. GGMC was the first and only Glass plant in Kuwait and one of the first plants in GCC Countries for producing and selling high quality glass containers for the beverage, food and pharmaceutical industries and other consumer sectors in the Gulf and Middle East region. Since 1981, GGMC has built a tradition on quality, placing it to a well-earned position of strength and leadership in the Glass Industry today.

With the strength of state-of-the-art technology and consolidated experience GGMC, an ISO 9001:2008, ISO 22000:2005, PAS 223:2011, certified, is committed to total customer satisfaction, by meeting and exceeding customers’ requirements. The company sincerely believes in building strong and lasting relationship with its customers.


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Contact info #1

Ghassan Abdula Aziz Madi
+965 2 326 0455 Ext: 110
Deputy General Manager
+965 2 326 0456
Mina Abdulla Industrial area, block #3, Plot #50, Kuwait


"Quality is the major ingredient of our value to our customer"

BOTTLE DESIGN 1 - The company has an in-house bottle designing unit to meet with the client's requirement for bespoke glass containers.

STORAGE FACILITY 2 - As per clients request and as a special favour, it undertakes at times to produce additional glass containers and  store them (FOC - Free of charge) in its warehouse until the client sends their call-off advise. This is done, so that the client does not face glass deficit during the peak seasons.

PROCUREMENT 3 - The company sources plastic crates, lids (for jars) and spray pumps for clients as per requirement.

SPECIAL PACKING 4 - As per clients request, the company undertakes to pack the glass containers in their brand-printed carton boxes and plastic crates as FOC service.

LOGISTICAL SUPPORT 5 - As per client requirement, the company provides logistical support – by renting its trailers to the clients for their shipment of finished products.

PROMOTIONAL SUPPORT 6 - GGMC strives hard to meet and exceed client's expectations during their promotional campaigns.

OTHER SERVICES 7 - Label and Sleeve applied glass containers once sold, are at the request of the client - Re-Labeled (remove and apply) and Re-Sleeved (remove and apply) when the client has amendments in the label/sleeve artworks.


Gulf Glass Company policy is to continue developments of new improved products in today's Glass industry.

It offers an unbeatable choice of products and services direct from the world's leading brand. GGMC has produces a diverse range of clear, amber, green and other glass containers.

It concentrates on a wide range of product in a highly specialized way and ensures that its targets are achieved with maximum benefit for the customers.

The following products are few major product categories:

  • Soft Drink Carbonated (non returnable bottles),
  • Soft Drinks Carbonated (Returnable bottles),
  • Juice Bottles,
  • Food & Brewery,
  • Jars,
  • Consumer Product (Perfumes).


The company has two Glass Melting Furnaces having a capacity of 200 T/day melting capacity and 120 T/day melting capacity respectively. Furnace#1 feeds three container production lines. Furnace#2 feeds two container production lines. The total melting capacity per annum is 116,800 MT enabling the company to produce Flint, Green and Amber Glass Packages.

GGMC's strategy is to offer a total and complete solution to its clients by adding new products to the current lines of businesses and expand its support regionally to reach clients' needs with-in time deliveries.

GGMC offers a variety of product lines of clear (flint), green, and amber colored glass-containers; coupled with exceptional services making it very valuable to its partners.

It concentrates on a wide range of products in a highly specialized way and ensures that its targets are achieved with maximum benefit to the customers.

GGMC provides a high quality service in the following products lines:

  • Soft Drink-Nonreturnable bottles,
  • Soft Drinks-Returnable bottles,
  • Food & Brewery,
  • Pharmaceutical Jars,
  • Consumer Product.


The company's infrastructure includes:

  • Two Furnaces 200 T/Day & 120T/DAy with total melting capacity of 116,800.
  • Five Individual Section (IS) Machines capable of producing glass containers from 100 ml upto 1300 mL (approx.)
  • Six applied Ceramic Labeling (ACL) machines capable of printing up to four colors.
  • Two Trine labeling machines capable of labeling OPP and plastic Shields Labels.
  • Two Sleeve application Machines capable of applying half Sleeves as well as full sleeves on bottles, 360 degree coverage.
  • One Pressure Sensitive Labeling (PSL) machines the only company in the gulf to use this state of the art labeling technology.
  • One higinic packaging machine for Pharmaceutical containers.
  • Five on line Inspection machines to control quality.
  • High Tech Quality control Lab for controling and testing of raw materials, spare parts and finished products.

GGMC works on the basis of continuous improvement, hence it continuously ugrading & automizing its Infrastructure to the Most Modern Equipment and Materials used for its production plant.

The management of GGMC believes in building and nurturing long term business relationship with all its clients whether suppliers, vendors, customers. All effort is made to ensure a stringent quality program is followed from processing of raw material to end finished goods.


The management of GGMC believes in building and nurturing long term business relationship with all its clients whether suppliers or customers. All effort is made to ensure a stringent Quality program is followed from processing of raw material to end finished goods, creating an environment of trust, teamwork and understanding.

The composition of all commercially produced glass is very carefully controlled. This is achieved by purchasing relatively pure raw materials and ensuring that they are well mixed in precise proportions before being fed to the melting furnace. The major raw materials used in glass manufacturing are:

  • Silica Sand,
  • Sodium Carbonate (Soda Ash),
  • Limestone.

In addition to these basic ingredients several other items may be added in order to make it more resistant to water and chemicals. Common additions include:

  • Sodium Feldspar,
  • Chromium,
  • Iron Chromite,
  • Sodium Sulphate,
  • Iron Pyrite,
  • Alumina,
  • Selenium,
  • Calumite.

Besides the chemicals mentioned, recycled glass (cullet) is also added to the melt. The cullet may arise from within the factory as a result of breakage or rejected ware. Cullet from this source is termed “domestic”. Cullet brought into the factory from external sources (e.g. bottle banks) is termed “foreign”.


The company's Quality products and the on-time delivery have earned a good will among all the major soft drink clients and major bottle consumers in the Gulf region as well as outside the Gulf.


The company is proud to be associated with following brands:


  • Coca-Cola,
  • Pepsi Cola,
  • Cadbury Schweppes,
  • Freeze,
  • Sunkist,
  • Heineken,
  • RC Cola,
  • Maaza,
  • Sinalco,
  • Barbician,
  • Super Squash,
  • Vimto,
  • Pampa,
  • Reem,
  • Miller.


The company believes in the goals of its clients and feel that the customer deserves to receive the best quality in terms of ‘Quality’ and ‘Service’.

Over the years, GGMC has supplied its products to the following countries:


Middle East & N. Africa (MENA):


  • Saudi Arabia,
  • UAE,
  • Qatar,
  • Oman,
  • Bahrain,
  • Iraq,
  • Syria,
  • Jordan,
  • Lebanon,
  • Yemen,
  • Egypt,
  • Morocco,
  • Algeria.


Asia: Bangladesh, Pakistan.


Africa: Tanzania, South Africa, Mauritius, Reunion, Cote D’Ivoire.


Eurasia: Armenia, Azerbaidjan, Georgia.


Europe: Malta, Czech Republic.


Gulf Glass Manufacturing Company - شركة الخليج لصناعة الزجاج

  • P.O.Box : 26996 , Mina Abdullah, Kuwait
  • (965) 22285552
  • (965) 22285551
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