Pelican Water Provides Floridians Important Water Safety Information In Hurricane Irma Aftermath

DELAND, Fla., Sept. 20, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Pelican Water Systems is a Florida-based company. Our employees and their families have endured the devastation of Hurricane Irma, and in the aftermath of this disaster we are compelled to educate the people of our state how to best address the variety of serious water quality issues affecting Florida. Please take the time to read and follow this important safety information.

To all Pelican water filter system owners, if your family is on a well and it was flooded or if you're on city water and received a boil water notice it is imperative that you disinfect your system as it may have been compromised. Compromised systems will not adequately filter your incoming water after significant flooding. Each filter system has a specific process for disinfection. Families in possession of reverse osmosis water filters, Whole House systems with carbon filters, or salt-free water softeners should read the recently published article, "How to Disinfect Your Existing Water Filter System", at for detailed disinfection steps. For other systems simply call the Pelican Water professionals at 844-219-4863 to receive relevant instructions.

Agricultural runoff or leeching due to flooding will likely have affected the water quality of all private wells in the areas affected by Hurricane Irma. To inquire about a free testing kit, contact your local health department today. If your neighborhood officials cannot assist you, consider ordering a testing kit from Pelican Water to determine what contaminants are in your well water. Do not drink from your well until it has been treated.

In the event that the quality of your municipality's water supply has been compromised, a boil water alert will likely be issued. Always be sure to follow all boil water alert instructions. If a boil water alert is in effect you must boil all water for a minimum of one minute in order to use the water to brush your teeth, cook, wash your hands, make ice, or wash your dishes. Navigate to for a more comprehensive collection of important protocol to follow after a hurricane. Learn more about well water testing and boil water alerts by reading "How to Ensure Your Water Is Safe to Drink After a Flood" on our website.

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