Saab Signs Contract to Protect Great Barrier Reef and Queensland’s Ports

Defence and security company Saab has been selected by Australian Maritime Systems Group (AMSG) to provide the Government of Queensland in Australia with a Vessel Traffic Management Information System (VTMIS). This system will serve the Great Barrier Reef and Queensland´s ports in Australia.

The system will improve maritime safety and navigation efficiency, safety of life at sea, and protect the marine environment.

“Queensland’s existing Vessel Traffic Service operations would undergo a major systems upgrade to help meet the modern demands of international shipping and environmental safeguards. Operators will be able to provide detailed information to ship captains on sea conditions, ship traffic and potential hazards, as well as to intervene where developing situations dictate”, says Mark Bailey, Minister for Main Roads and Ports.

“The new system will replace the REEFVTS shipping control system, which has successfully protected the Great Barrier Reef since 2004, at the five port control VTS systems at Brisbane, Cairns, Townsville, Gladstone and Hay Point”, says Mr Bailey.

The VTMIS is powered by Saab's V3000 vessel traffic services system and KleinPort Port Management Information System, providing operators with a validated real-time traffic overview. The information is received from radar, CCTV, meteorological sensors, automated digital broadcasts from the ships themselves, and first-hand information from maritime service providers.

“Our maritime traffic management solution has proven itself in the most demanding environments. It is a strong solution for protecting 3000 km of sea lanes running through sensitive areas as the Great Barrier Reef and its surroundings. Together with our partner AMSG, we look forward to supporting the government in Queensland with the best technology available on the market”, says Anders Carp, head of Saab’s business area Surveillance.

The system will be implemented in stages over the next two years.

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