Direct to the heart of Europe, Hainan Airlines launched successful inaugural from Shanghai to Brussels

BRUSSELS, Oct. 26, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- On 25 October 2017, Hainan Airlines flight HU7921 departed from Shanghai Pudong International Airport and, after a 12-hours flying, made a smooth landing at 7:30am at Brussels Airport, marking a successful maiden flight between Shanghai and Brussels.

Hainan Airlines opened the route between Beijing and Brussels in 2006 and Shanghai to Brussels route is the airline's second direct service between Belgium and mainland China. By building this air bridge, Hainan Airlines will help the two countries enjoy the benefits brought by the "One Belt, One Road" initiative.

Three return flights is to be operate on the Shanghai Pudong to Brussels line every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The aircraft used for the first flight was a Beijing 787-9 Dreamliner equipped. Business class is equipped with 180 degree lie-flat massage chairs, BOSE noise-canceling headphones and Bulgari washbags so passengers are able to enjoy a quiet journey with their own private space.

From its founding, Hainan Airlines has operated safely for 24 years, providing over 6 million hours of safe air and is placed the third on the "Global Airline Safety Ranking" by JACDEC. In 2017, the company has received a five-star rating from Skytrax 7 times in a row, and also entitled as "World's Top 10 Airlines" by Skytrax for the first time. The company is universally praised for its quality service both in China and overseas.

Detailed Shanghai to Brussels flight times are as follows (the following flight times are all in local time):

Note: flight information is subject to a final system check.

           Flight No. Aircraft type Schedule      Departing Departure  Arrival  Arriving at
                                                  from      Time       Time
                                                  ----      ----       ----

    Summer HU7921     787-9         Mon/ Wed/ Fri Shanghai  1:25 AM    7:30 AM  Brussels
    ------ ------     -----         ------------- --------  -------    -------  --------

    HU7922 787-9      Mon/ Wed/ Fri Brussels      12:30 PM  5:30 AM +1 Shanghai
    ------ -----      ------------- --------      --------  ---------- --------

    Winter HU7921     787-9         Mon/ Wed/ Fri Shanghai  1:25 AM    6:30 AM  Brussels
    ------ ------     -----         ------------- --------  -------    -------  --------

    HU7922 787-9      Mon/Wed/ Fri  Brussels      11:25AM   5:30 AM +1 Shanghai
    ------ -----      ------------  --------      -------   ---------- --------

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