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QINGDAO HAILI HELICOPTER CO. LTD was established in 2007 in the Manufacturing Zone of Qingdao. The main business activity for the Company is the manufacture of helicopters with a production capacity of 80 light helicopters per year. It is the third company to be able to produce helicopters, followed by Harbin Flying Dragon and Changhe Helicopter Group.

Through joint venture, the Company is able to design and manufacture B2B light helicopters and has received an airworthiness certification by FAA. Light helicopters can be used in various fields, such as border patrol, surveillance and security activities, business trips, industrial and agricultural activities, forest protection, short-distance transportation, medical services, rescue operations, aerial photography, flight training, flight clubs and other civilian uses. The B2B light helicopters manufactured by the Company are reliable and safe and provide an excellent performance; They also provide a modern transportation means with high efficiency and performance/cost ratio.

The Company has hired outstanding professional employees from both China and abroad for the production, operation and administration departments who can provide quality before and after sales services.

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Qingdao Haili Helicopter Co. Ltd

  • Eastside of Meinan Road and Westside of Gongmao Street. Jiulongjieban, Fangzi District, Weifang, Shandong, China, P. R.
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