Terma C-Guard decoy launchers selected to be fitted onboard the future frigates of the Philippine Navy

In October 2016, Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI), the world’s biggest shipyard, announced the signature of a contract to build two 2,600 tons frigates for the Philippine Navy.

The 107 meters vessels will be capable of conducting Anti-Air/Surface/Submarine Warfare as well as Electronic Warfare missions.

In order to protect these strategic assets, the Philippine Navy has mandated HHI to select the most adapted self-protection solution, combining proven technology, cost-effectiveness, small footprint, and high operational flexibility.

C-Guard has been thoroughly evaluated and finally selected as the solution best responding to the Philippine Navy needs and requirements.

More than 200 C-Guard systems are currently in operation worldwide, providing effective protection against any type of surface and underwater threat (RF/IR/Dual Seeker missiles and torpedoes)

The C-Guard system using SeaGnat or 130 mm decoy rounds will provide protection against any type of threat, including:

  • Radio Frequency (RF) threats – the C-Guard algorithm offers the flexibility of deploying chaff as sub-munitions or as a large chaff bursts.
  • InfraRed (IR) and Imaging IR threats – An increasing threat especially in the littoral zone. The multi-azimuth tubes of the C-Guard will allow the algorithm to calculate precise firing of IR to provide 360-degree coverage.
  • The C-Guard algorithm can effectively calculate the heat dissemination of flare decoys and in combination with chaff decoys obscure the IR image of a naval vessel.
  • Dual Seeker threats – the algorithm supports dual mode rounds containing both flare and chaff payloads – an advanced coverage technique towards dual seeker threats.
  • Torpedo threats – unparalleled, C-Guard supports the firing of the latest acoustic anti-torpedo decoys, including state-of-the-art Canto by DCNS.
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