Excite Energy LLC Offers Energy Cost Savings In Texas For Retail And Commercial Businesses

AUSTIN, Texas, Nov. 19, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Excite Energy LLC employs skilled and professional aggregators and power brokers who are ready to analyze power bills, aggressively negotiate better energy rates, and bring the power of aggregation into cost saving conversations for you and your management. This will directly impact your savings on monthly utility bills in Texas. Excite Energy LLC has the connections and expertise to represent large commercial and retail businesses in deregulated areas, and leverage total consumption of all store fronts providing significant power cost savings.

Are you looking to reduce electric energy costs? Have you been charged with reducing operating expenses? Aggregators may be the answer you are looking for. Aggregators, in the Texas deregulated electric market, act as buyers for their customers. Aggregators combine the electric power needs of all their customers into a single buy transaction. Aggregators closely review the energy use profiles of their customers determining total load and peak load information. Load information is then combined for all customers. This information is then used to drive the decision of which retail energy provider offers the best and cheapest energy rates fitting the load. Aggregators leverage the power of volume buying to buy power at the cheapest cost, and pass along those savings to their customer. According to the US Energy Information Administration, in 2015, approximately 12.3% of all energy consumed in Texas powered commercial and retail businesses which used a total of 4,665.6 Billion kW hours of energy. Retail groups and commercial franchises are growing by an estimated 2.2% annually across many regions of Texas. Are you a part of this growing industry? Do you want to save money monthly? Aggregation can directly affect your bottom line with electric energy savings.

To discuss your savings goals and regional business needs, please contact Excite Energy LLC at 1-888-336-8128 or email customercare@exciteenergyllc.com and you will be connected to a registered Texas energy broker.

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