Confidential Oil Prices Now Free-of-Charge at, the top energy news website, is making hundreds of global oil prices, previously only available through paid services, available to investors and others free-of-charge. The website is trying to disrupt a business model they say is dominated by a few entrenched players that can charge hefty subscription fees.

“Getting accurate prices for the different crude oil blends is notoriously opaque and people spend tens of thousands of dollars per year for the privilege. It’s infuriating,” said James Stafford, founder and publisher of and other websites. “It’s time to expose these practices for what they are and get prices out in a more timely way for investors, energy executives and journalists.”

There is a general lack of awareness about the number of global oil prices, with most public information available for West Texas Intermediate (WTI) and Brent Crude, which represent only a fraction of the most important commodity market in the world. In fact, there are hundreds of oil blends that vary greatly in price, from $64.27 to $41.13 as of November 15.

Dan Dicker, a leading energy analyst who is a contributor to and other financial news outlets, says just knowing where the major futures contracts are when trading isn’t enough if you want to thrive as an energy investor.

“You have to know the real prices at which prompt crude is being traded for cash at all four corners of the globe, 24/7. This information is the ‘secret sauce’ that successful commercial oil marketers and investors quietly hoarded for decades. Now is bringing that access to everyone,” said Dicker.

Stafford spent 18 months speaking to refiners, oil company executives, brokers and trading houses around the world to obtain oil price information that can now be tracked and charted for free at, including:

  • OPEC and Middle East Blends – such as: All Iranian blends, Bonny light, Kuwait, Dubai, Middle East Sour, and Iraq blends
  • Almost all U.S. and Canadian blends – hundreds of blends
  • All Mexican blends & other Latin American blends
  • Russian blends
  • Chinese & Asian blends

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