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DENVER, Nov. 30, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Citrus and berry flavored PepPod, a dissolvable, plant-based energy and nutrition tablet containing more than 75 trace minerals, is now available on health and wellness e-commerce website

PepPod is recommended for anyone with an active lifestyle and not just training athletes. PepPod's nutrient-rich profile can provide a much needed immunity boost prior to flying, and even reduce hangover symptoms proceeding a night out on the town.

"A lot of Americans work long hours in offices that trap viruses and bacteria. They then rely on heavily caffeinated beverages to make it through the day, causing them further loss of sleep. Their immune systems become extremely compromised," PepPod CEO Jennifer Pearce said. "PepPod helps these hard-working people get the micronutrients needed to make it through the day, with just enough caffeine to absorb vitamin B12. It's like taking all of your essential vitamins and minerals with green tea."

PepPod doesn't just look for the right balance of nutrients, but also where the nutrients are derived from. The caffeine and antioxidants are derived from organic green tea, rather than artificial sources. The plant deposits used in PepPod are harvested from a Utah mine that is millions of years old, and are cold-water extracted to help retain the desired nutrients.

PepPod was founded in 2012 as an FDA-approved product, incorporating many years of research comparing dosages of micronutrients. It was sold only in the Rocky Mountain region, around Denver, Colo. By 2016, PepPod was distributed nationwide with a more sustainable package and refined formula. PepPod kept its promise to be all-natural, continuing to exclude artificial ingredients, while still remaining non-perishable.

PepPod comes in pocket-sized, 10-count tubes or single packets. One PepPod can be dissolved in any drink of choice to provide nutrient-rich energy. That means it can be mixed with hot or cold beverages -- and different flavors -- to suit the user's taste profile. For more information on PepPod, visit, and go to to order today.

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