Purple Heart Homes Seeks Home Builder Association Members At The National Association of Home Builders' 76th International Builders Show

STATESVILLE, N.C., Jan. 4, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Purple Heart Homes (www.phhusa.org) is seeking to partner with HBA member contractors and suppliers to support veterans in their communities. Purple Heart Homes is attending the 2018 National Association of Home Builders' 76(th) International Builders Show in Orlando, Florida. The conference is being held January 9-11, 2018, and Purple Heart Homes' exhibit booth number W17 will be located in the Orange County Convention Center's West Concourse.

3.8 million Service Connected Disabled Veterans are living with the daily challenges of having served our country. According to Disabled World One, half of all wheelchair users must use steps to enter or exit their homes. Over 50 percent of veterans 65 years of age and older live in homes built in the 1950's and 1960's that often are no longer suited to meet their needs because of their ages and disabilities.

Purple Heart Homes is a national 501(c)3 public charity that is dedicated to providing housing solutions for Service Connected Disabled Veterans that are substantial in function and design. These housing solutions range from renovating homes to meet the needs of disabled veterans to helping disabled veterans obtain the dream of home ownership. All of Purple Heart Homes' projects include adapting homes to ensure accessibility and sustainability, enabling veterans of all ages and eras to live and age safely in place. Purple Heart Homes has developed two new initiatives and multiple opportunities for local Home Builders Associations and their member organizations to help disabled veterans. While at the International Builders Show, Purple Heart Homes will be providing an update on two new initiatives established to bring their services to every community.

    1. Purple Heart Homes' Operation Veteran Home Renovation is an annual
       campaign achieved in partnership with key national organizations to
       provide small home renovations to disabled veterans throughout the
       country; more than 20 projects have been completed over two years in nine
       states. Purple Heart Homes works with local credit unions,
       municipalities, and state associations to identify older veterans
       residing in their communities that need wheelchair ramps, grab bars,
       railings, and other small home renovations that help ensure the veterans
       can safely age in place.
    2. As a result of the overwhelming need for disabled veterans who are unable
       to get into their homes, Purple Heart Homes established Ramps on Call, a
       collaborative program in which Purple Heart Homes works with local
       communities and others who want to help disabled veterans that have an
       urgent need for a wheelchair ramp. Purple Heart Homes' partner, Bronze
       Star Builders, provides a modular kit designed to meet the specific needs
       of each disabled veteran. Once delivered, Purple Heart Homes refers to
       its list of partners, contractors and HBA member organizations to
       identify a labor source to install the modular kit, facilitating a safe
       home entry for the veteran. We are asking any contractor, sub-contractor
       or supplier to be on our participating call list to help provide
       emergency assistance to disabled veterans who urgently need wheelchair

To sign up to support your local veterans through these initiatives, visit our exhibit booth number W17 in the West Concourse at the International Builders Show, or visit www.phhusa.org to learn more about how you can help Purple Heart Homes in its mission to provide housing solutions for Service Connected Disabled Veterans.

About Purple Heart Homes
Purple Heart Homes is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization founded by Dale Beatty and John Gallina, two Iraq combat wounded veterans who remain on a mission to provide housing solutions for Service Connected Disabled Veterans that are substantial in function, design and quality. Purple Heart Homes has two programs: Veterans Aging in Place (VAIP), which encompasses the Operation Veterans Home Renovation Project (OVHR), and The Veterans Home Ownership Program (VHOP). From building a ramp for wheelchair-bound veterans to providing home ownership opportunities to veterans with physical as well as invisible injuries, Purple Heart Homes' programs are designed out of necessity and fit the specific needs of veterans of all ages and from all eras, helping them to live and age in place, in their own safe, accessible and sustainable homes. For more information, visit www.phhusa.org. Purple Heart Homes - Improving Veterans' Lives One Home at a Time.

    CONTACT: Debbie Kaufmann, Communications Manager, Purple Heart
             Homes: 301.252.3582; dkaufmann@phhusa.org

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