Clinch For Facebook Enables Marketers to Personalize Videos to Generate More ROI

NEW YORK, Jan. 23, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Personalization has been the biggest marketing breakthrough in 2017, however, personalizing digital video has remained elusive to advertisers, particularly on one of the largest digital advertising platforms, Facebook.

To address this need, Clinch, a creative technology company that powers dynamic, personalized video advertising, announced today the launch of "Clinch for Facebook", a video personalization engine built specifically for the social network, as well as Instagram. Clinch for Facebook allows for rapid A/B testing of creatives and generates personalized campaigns at scale (both video and display) using unique Facebook formats such as Canvas, Collections and Instagram Stories. In addition, the product provides analytics and insights regarding client data segments and the best performing creative.

The solution enables brands to personalize videos on Facebook using a combination of Facebook's data, third-party data as well as their own first-party data to ensure the right audience, gets the right video with the most relevant message. Videos can be customized to highlight different messages, graphics, call to actions and even drive consumers to the closest location where a product or service is sold.

"As more marketing dollars shift towards Facebook and video, it was imperative that we create an offering that would provide a seamless personalization experience on the platform," said Boaz Cohen, Chief Product Officer for Clinch. "Now, advertisers are able to leverage a wealth of data to provide consumers with a relevant, meaningful video experience that improves conversations and ROI to generate increased sales."

The product is the result of Clinch's successful completion of the Facebook Marketing API Accelerator, a prestigious program offered by Facebook to encourage the development of technologies to support advertisers. Clinch for Facebook integrates directly with Facebook's API to remove barriers to entry and enables brands to leverage data to create personalized videos at scale.

Clinch was chosen as a top company for Facebook's Marketing API Accelerator "Grow Track" after a worldwide search for the most innovative, ad-tech companies on their platform with two goals in mind--self-starter and mission-focused. Criteria used by Facebook included companies that are committed, fast moving, and tackling a huge and relevant problem.

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Clinch is a personalized creative technology platform for programmatic and social media video and display ads. Clinch's platform combines brand, product and consumer data with dynamic creative messaging to generate unlimited personalized versions of advertisements. Clinch provides brands and agencies with the ability to target consumers across all platforms and devices including web, mobile, in-app, social media platforms and Connected TV. Clinch works across all DSPs and does not require technical integration. For more information visit

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