ZeroWater Filter Outperforms Brita for Radium Reduction in Drinking Water

TREVOSE, Penn., Feb. 20, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- ZeroWater continues to prove that not all filters are equally created. In a recent EPA-certified laboratory test for the reduction of radium, the report revealed that ZeroWater's ion exchange filtering removed 99.6% of radium from five gallons of water with a pH level of 8.5 versus Brita's standard filter at only 6.7%. The 5-stage ion exchange water filtration system has similarly outperformed Brita's standard filter in tests (ZeroWater vs. Brita Comparison Chart) for the reduction of Lead, Chromium, Fluoride and a variety of other heavy metals.

The US is currently in a drinking water crisis as cities receive water contamination notices daily. A recent CBS News report revealed, "More than half of Americans could be drinking tap water tainted with a radioactive element." The report went on to cite this statistic from the nonprofit Environmental Working Group (EWG): "More than 170 million people are exposed to radium in their drinking water. That could increase the risk of cancer."

The matter of radium in one's drinking water supply is not something to be taken lightly. ZeroWater's CEO, Doug Kellam has some advice for consumers who want to protect themselves and their families. "Undertake careful research before choosing a water filter. The filter your family always used may no longer be the safest option. Select one that is best suited to the specific contaminants that are plaguing your drinking supply."

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    5 Gallon Test            6.5 pH       8.5 pH
    -------------            ------       ------

    ZeroWater Radium Removal        99.7%        99.6%
    ------------------------         ----          ----

    Brita Radium Removal               1%         6.7%
    --------------------              ---           ---

About ZeroWater®

ZeroWater delivers high performance water filtration through its premium 5-stage ion exchange filter, which removes virtually all total dissolved solids (TDS). By removing virtually all TDS, ZeroWater is the only gravity-fed filtration system to match the TDS levels found in Purified Bottled Water. ZeroWater is the only water filtration system to receive NSF endorsement for its reduction capabilities in chromium-3, chromium-6 and lead.

Testing Information:
ZeroWater's independent testing is done through QFT Laboratory, LLC, an independent laboratory located in Delaware and certified by the States of New York and New Jersey to test drinking water and ISO 17025 to test water filtration systems. QFT Laboratory, LLC, which issued the final report, is part of Envirotek Laboratories. A contract laboratory, Envirotek analyzes drinking water for home owners with private wells, tap water, bottled water, municipal water and waste water for industries and hazardous waste generators, nationwide.

In issuing the Radiological Reduction Test Report, QFT tested the percent reduction radium in five gallons of drinking water. The lab used two samples, one at a 6.5 pH level, the other at an 8.5 level. A side-by-side comparison of ZeroWater filtered water and Brita filtered water was then conducted. ZeroWater's filters were not tested for longevity.

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