NATO launches defence capacity building project for Jordan

NATO launched a Defence Capacity Building Project on “Enhancing Jordan’s capacity for Crisis Management, Continuity of Government and Exercises” on Monday (19 February 2018). The three-year project will assist the Jordanian National Centre for Security and Crisis Management in achieving full operational capability, and will enhance Jordan’s capacity in national resilience, continuity of government and crisis management.

At the project initiation signing ceremony, Brigadier General Adnan Al-Abbadi, Vice Chairman of the Jordanian National Center for Security and Crisis Management, and NATO Deputy Assistant Secretary General Dr. John Manza, stressed the importance of NATO’s cooperation with Jordan in its efforts towards institutionalizing national crisis management capabilities.

Contributions by four Allies − the Netherlands, Germany, Norway, and Turkey − to the NATO Defence Capacity Building Trust Fund made this flagship project possible.

Initiation of this project represents an important milestone for the NATO-Jordan Defence Capacity Building Package and in the strategic partnership between NATO and Jordan.

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