Advice for Safeguarding Your Home Against Lightning Damage

Advice for Safeguarding Your Home Against Lightning Damage

Leading Roanoke HVAC, plumbing and electrical company, Southern Trust Home Services, is offering ways to help protect your property from lightning strike damage

ROANOKE, Va., April 10, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Southern Trust Home Services, a leading HVAC, plumbing and electrical company in Roanoke owned by Contractor Magazine's Contractor of the Year winner Ted Puzio, recommends taking action to safeguard your home and property against lightning damage before the summer storm season hits.

"There's no good way to prevent or totally avoid a lightning strike," Puzio said. "There are, however, some things homeowners can do to minimize the damage caused by lightning and protect both themselves and their property in the process."

Puzio and the Southern Trust team offer the following advice for protecting a home and property from the catastrophic damage that can result from a lightning strike:

    --  Consider a lightning protection system. A lightning protection system is
        a network of low-resistance paths, such as copper and aluminum cables,
        that is designed to channel the current of a strike swiftly into the
        ground. Without such a system, a strike can more freely jump from one
        part of a house to another, destroying structural items such as the
        roof, a chimney and more. These systems also usually include arrestors,
        devices designed to prevent dangerous currents from entering the home
        over cable, telephone and power lines and destroying appliances and
    --  Complete home surge protectors can be installed. Protecting expensive
        electronics with surge protector strips is a great idea, but a
        whole-home surge protector does make the task easier. These protectors
        allow homeowners to simply plug electronics and appliances into regular
        outlets and still have the peace of mind that they are protected from
        dangerous voltage spikes that can be caused during storms.
    --  Protect heating and cooling equipment. HVAC systems can be easily
        destroyed by a lightning strike, so homeowners need to exercise caution
        as storms arrive to avoid an extremely expensive equipment replacement.
        Checking the grounding for the electrical system is the first step.
        High-end surge protectors can add a layer of defense as well, but the
        best bet is to simply not use the air conditioner during a storm.
        Typically, the temperature will decrease during a storm, so any slight
        change in comfort can be overlooked in favor of keeping the HVAC unit
        safe until the weather clears up.

"It's true that lightning strikes can't be prevented, so we just urge you to prepare your home for such a scenario," Puzio said. "A lightning protection system and a whole-home surge protector are great first steps because they are virtually unnoticeable and require little maintenance, but when in doubt, always unplug valuable electronics and turn off any major appliances like an HVAC unit until the storm blows over."

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