Discover the Value of the Compact bMCA Series Multichannel Analyzers

Discover the Value of the Compact bMCA Series Multichannel Analyzers

The trusted team at Berkeley Nucleonics has recently announced the availability of the Compact bMCA series multichannel analyzers. Learn more about the value of these systems in this latest release.

SAN RAFAEL, Calif., April 17, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Compact bMCA Multichannel Analyzers Utilizes Digital Signal Processing for Low Noise Gamma Spectroscopy

Berkeley Nucleonics announces the availability of the compact bMCA series multichannel analyzers. The bMCA is an ultra-compact and fully digital tube base MCA designed for compatibility with most scintillators, including NaI(Tl), CsI, Plastics, and high-resolution crystals such as LaBr3, SrI2, and CeBr3. Communication options include USB 2.0 and standard Ethernet for faster data transfer rates. Likely the most compact 14 pin plug-on MCA on the market, the bMCA (USB version) measures only 56 mm in diameter by 60 mm long and weighs approximately 120 grams.

The bMCA design makes use of the latest advances in digital electronics. Powerful digital processing algorithms are used to separate the relevant signal from noise and to maximize performance under high count rate conditions. The bMCA has a spectral memory size of 4096 channels and includes built-in digital Baseline Restorer (BLR) and Pile-Up Rejector (PUR) features, as well as two standard modes of data acquisition, Pulse Height Analysis (PHA) and Multi-Channel Scaling (MCS). A miniaturized high voltage power supply optimized for low consumption provides the necessary power to operate the PMT, including those used with large volume detectors. The bMCA includes operating software and a set of programming libraries for Windows and Linux which are provided standard.

Berkeley Nucleonics Delivering a New Standard in Compact Multichannel Analyzers

"Plug-on MCAs are ubiquitous within gamma spectroscopy laboratories. We're excited to offer the bMCA to our nuclear spectroscopy customers at a notably lower price than similarly featured instruments in the market," comments Juan Espinoza, Product Manager at Berkeley Nucleonics. "With the release of the bMCA, BNC continues with our tradition of introducing innovative instruments to the industry".
In addition to the bMCA, a full line of gamma spectroscopy analysis tools is available from BNC. These include benchtop and board level MCAs and a family of tube base SCAs. The Topaz-Pico MCA is similarly featured to the bMCA but is instead packaged in a compact benchtop enclosure. The Topaz-Pico is also available in a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design, ideal for OEM integration. On the SCA side of the family, the bPAD is a fully digital plug-on Single Channel Analyzer compatible with a wide range of scintillators (NaI, CsI, CeBr3, Plastics, etc.). Settings are stored in the bPAD's permanent memory allowing for completely autonomous operation, making it ideal for industrial and nuclear medicine applications.

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Berkeley Nucleonics Corporation is a leading manufacturer and distributor of precision electronic instrumentation for test, measurement and nuclear research. BNC has its corporate headquarters in San Rafael, California with several additional manufacturing facilities and sales offices located throughout the United States. Founded in 1963, BNC is a recognized leader in the Test, Measurement, and Nuclear fields.

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