ToolBox Genomics Launches Expanded Suite of DNA-based Products to Support Consumer Health and Wellness

ToolBox Genomics Launches Expanded Suite of DNA-based Products to Support Consumer Health and Wellness

Company Establishes National Marketing Collaboration with Leading Sports and Fitness Partners

SAN FRANCISCO, April 24, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- ToolBox Genomics (TBG) today announced an expanded suite of DNA-based products that provide consumers with personalized fitness, nutrition and weight loss plans based on their genotype.

TBG's first generation Health Action Plan(TM) relied on results of customers' 23andMe data. Their new products come with the launch of TBG's own proprietary genotype assay, which is processed by CLIA-certified and CAP-accredited labs. Using its own test allows TBG to evaluate an expanded list of biomarkers - beyond what is available through 23andMe and - that make up the body's genetic blueprint. It also allows TBG to offer their products to customers who may not have completed a 23andMe or test.

"We are excited to offer more tailored and targeted advice to consumers on how to optimize their genes to improve their health," said Dr. Jessica Knurick, Director of Clinical Product & Education for TBG. "DNA testing can be interesting but is often not actionable. Our goal is to provide consumers with specific and accessible recommendations, allowing them to design a personalized diet and exercise program based on their genetic makeup."

The new product portfolio includes:

Empower - Called the "jumpstart package," this option is designed to give consumers an overall view of 37 genes that influence their health.

Thrive - To support weight loss, Thrive provides a full analysis of 22 genes, giving consumers specific and personalized guidance on how to achieve their healthiest weight.

Nourish - Designed to eliminate food confusion with a full analysis of 50 genes related to health and nutrition, Nourish helps consumers optimize diet to achieve ideal nutrition and determine whether and what type of nutritional supplements might be necessary.

RunDNA - For runners and other high endurance athletes, RunDNA is focused on enhancing performance. This report provides a complete breakdown of 47 genes that are crucial for training, performance, nutrition and recovery for all endurance athletes.

To promote these products, TBG will be kicking off a new field marketing program that focuses on partnerships with sports and fitness organizations. The first in this series is the OC Marathon Running Festival, which runs its own marathon as well as other community races around Southern California. TBG and the OC Marathon will introduce the new DNA-based products to other endurance events across the country focusing on raising awareness of the benefits of DNA testing to optimize health and fitness and allow participants to learn more about the TBG suite of products.

Empower, Thrive, Nourish and RunDNA can be purchased at

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ToolBox Genomics develops personalized, DNA-based products that give consumers customized weight loss, fitness and nutrition plans based on their individual genotype. TBG is committed to providing understandable, actionable lifestyle recommendations that reflect the latest scientific and medical research. Learn more at

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