The PILLARS Recovery Center Deploys Q2i's CASA Technology To Better Support People In Recovery from Substance Abuse

The PILLARS Recovery Center Deploys Q2i's CASA Technology To Better Support People In Recovery from Substance Abuse

BOSTON, April 24, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Q2i, a provider of technology that improves patient care by enabling better connection and information exchange between patients and their healthcare teams, today announced that their CASA (Continuing Alumni Support Application) system is being deployed by The PILLARS, Manhattan's first Recovery Community and Outreach Center funded by New York's Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services.

The PILLARS offers a holistic approach to substance abuse recovery, offering education and support groups in parenting skills, domestic violence prevention, OSHA training, GED prep, yoga, and other topics.

The PILLARS will first deploy CASA in support of its "Love Yourself, Love Your Baby" program, to enable pregnant women to join a peer support network, where they can easily chat with and get support from other mothers experiencing similar challenges. In addition, The PILLARS will use CASA to send educational and motivational materials - for example, their newsletters, or notices about new services - to people in recovery, providing further reinforcement and support for their recovery journey.

"We are thrilled to add CASA to our toolkit," said Felecia Pullen, President of Let's Talk SAFETY, Inc., a not-for-profit which includes The PILLARS. "Not only will CASA let us strengthen our connection with the people in recovery who come through our doors every day - so these folks will feel more supported and be less vulnerable to relapse - but it will also let us better monitor how our members are doing week-to-week, and really close the treatment feedback loop."

The PILLARS offers a non-clinical, substance-free environment for people in recovery and for anyone loving someone in active addiction. People who use the center can participate in education and support groups, 12-step programs, and a variety of holistic services. The PILLARS offers recovery enhancement, workforce development, as well as wellness activities, including dance and yoga classes, acupuncture, bereavement groups and more.

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Q2i collaborates with multidisciplinary healthcare teams, providers and payers to understand and then realize unmet technology needs. We facilitate improvements in patient care by supporting patients with their treatment plans through better connection and information exchange with their healthcare teams.

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