Boreal Wellness Centres Announces Virtual Non-12 Step Group Treatment Option For Addiction Clients in British Columbia

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VANCOUVER, April 23, 2020 /CNW/ - Boreal Wellness Centres announced today the launch of its Resilient Living(TM) Recovery treatment program. This is a mindfulness-based, non-12 step group treatment program for mild to moderate problematic substance use, delivered through private and secure video conference sessions.

"We are introducing this program in response to increasing interest in non-12 step alternatives that help people earlier in their struggle with problematic substance use," said Clinical Co-Manager, Dr. Lindsey Thomas, R.Psych. "For some, success is abstinence. For others, success is when the person understands their substance use and learns to engage in increasingly healthier behaviours."

"Access to treatment should not be conditional based on readiness for abstinence. For those with moderate problems, engagement in harm reduction treatment can improve quality of life and encourage motivation for even more significant change," explained Mike Mathers, a registered clinical counsellor co-facilitating the Recovery program.

Resilient Living(TM) Recovery aims to help people better manage, reduce or stop problematic substance use by identifying their values and strengthening their motivation. The program incorporates a strong emphasis on relapse prevention to help clients stay on the path to wellness.

Additionally, the use of secure, PIPEDA/PHIPA compliant video conference technology for group therapy makes the program widely accessible to participants through British Columbia. Appropriate addiction treatment shouldn't depend on where you live - Boreal Wellness Centres' video conference-based program removes geography and even physical distancing as a barrier. Boreal expects to expand the program to Ontario and Alberta residents beginning in the next few months.

This affordable treatment option uses evidence-based approaches such as acceptance and commitment therapy, motivational interviewing, and relapse prevention therapy to help liberate participants from the habits that impede a meaningful and enjoyable life. "This program addresses an unmet need in a way that is emotionally, financially and geographically accessible for British Columbians and potentially other Canadians in need. Boreal clients can participate in ten weeks of two-hour group sessions for a cost equivalent to a handful of residential treatment days," explained CEO and Founder, Sean Gjos.

Group therapy is widely considered to be an effective treatment option for mental health and problematic substance use. Among the benefits of group therapy are a lowering of stigma, lessening of social isolation and an opportunity to discuss challenges in a safe and supportive environment.

The Recovery program joins Boreal Wellness Centres' growing family of evidence based Resilient Living(TM) group program options that include Day Treatment, Trauma Day Treatment, Virtual Group Treatment and Teen Stress Skills.

For more information about Boreal Wellness Centres, its Resilient Living(TM) Recovery program or any of its other mental health treatment options, please visit its website.

About Boreal Wellness Centres
Boreal Wellness Centres is a Vancouver, BC based mental health organization that provides outpatient group and individual therapy for anxiety, depression and trauma. It is a leader in providing multi-disciplinary group therapy and has been pioneering the delivery of group therapy via video conference.

Boreal Wellness Centres is one of Canada's largest collections of clinicians who have received training on the occupational challenges faced by public safety personnel. Its clinical team includes psychologists, clinical counsellors, social workers, psychiatrists, dietitians, yoga therapists and fitness professionals.

Boreal Wellness Centres is part of the WorkSafeBC Provider Network, it is a multi-disciplinary clinic provider with Veterans Affairs Canada and it accepts RCMP health identification cards.

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