Dato' Sri Professor Ng Tat-yung First Released Scalar Wave Quantum Implant system at UN Headquarters

Dato' Sri Professor Ng Tat-yung First Released Scalar Wave Quantum Implant system at UN Headquarters

NEW YORK, May 20, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Recently Dato' Sri Prof Ng Tat-yung, the visiting professor of the Canadian Chartered Institute of Business Administration and the founder of the World Trade United Foundation, first released the "Scalar Wave Quantum Implant System" at the United Nations Headquarters in New York. At the same time, various related experiments were conducted in which the experiments of particle resonance and quantum entanglement experiments resolved multiple scientific problems and intrigued all the guests present. Professor Ng said: "Quantum entanglement is the most bizarre thing in quantum mechanics because it can produce 'ghost-like superposition effects.' In the future world, humans may be able to realize teleportation through quantum entanglement. Therefore, the quantum world view, the production of quantum products, and the scalar wave light quantum implant system will change the future of mankind."

Professor Ng posted that the scalar wave light quantum implant system is based on the pico-scale quantum physics technology, namely "Pimi technology." The Pimi technology is a high technology that improves the material properties at the microscopic level of one trillionth of a meter (10-12 M) meters. It is more advanced than the current "Nano (10-9M technology)". The technology mainly uses the eighth generation bio-active processing technology to generate scalar wave quantum energy. The scalar wave light quantum energy passes through a series of energy such as acoustic, optical, electrical, magnetic, wave, quantum light wave generators, ion energy beam speed resonance induction machines, and the like. Information processing technology is injected into related products. In this way, a quantum field particle (ion) energy beam having a scalar wave light quantum intelligent resonance frequency is injected into a substance of an arbitrary shape to produce a photon quantum energy product. The implanted product enables the scalar wave quantum energy to pass through the human meridian acupuncture points, allowing the mental system and the body's physiological system to be highly penetrated and achieve the balanced purpose. This series of proprietary "proton energy technology" can produce a stable "proton vibration ordered field", has been used in medical, beauty, health and other daily life. There are three main particles in the atom, which are protons, electrons, and neutrons. "Proton vibration ordered field" can organize the vibrations of protons, electrons, and neutrons in all substances, and promote their physical properties and enhance biological energy.

At the conference, Professor Ng also mentioned the difference between scalar wave light quantum implant technology and traditional far-infrared technology. Traditional far-infrared technology principles: absorption, reflection, and penetration. When a radiant energy hits the surface of a material, part of it is absorbed, partially reflected, and partially penetrated. If the assumed energy is arrived at by one unit, the law of conservation of energy gives the relationship gamma + delta = theta, where gamma, delta, and theta each represent the percentage of the object's absorption, reflection, and penetration of this wavelength electromagnetic wave.

The officiating guests attending the launch included: Sherrill Kazan, President of the World Council of Peoples for the United Nations; Dr. Jim Lin-Chi Chu, Chairman of the Strategic Alliance of Asian-American Non-Profit Organizations; Dr. Johnny Ip, Chairman of the World Trade United Foundation (APAC); Tom W.Q. Jiang, Chairman of the United Nations Ethnic Chinese Union; Zhang Aimisu, Director of the elite Development Department of the World Council of Peoples for the UN; Paul Hao, Art advisor of Rockefeller II; etc.

Introduction of "System"


Quantum vacuum is not only an electromagnetic field, but also a complex magnetic vector potential and electrostatic scalar potential field. In 1890, Nikola Tesla discovered a different longitudinal wave, the Tesla wave, also known as a scalar wave. The usual science explains this phenomenon: positive protons and negative electrons overlap, and the results cancel each other out and disappear. However, since there is a law of conservation of energy, we cannot rashly say "disappear". They should be "another energy that is transformed into a zero state." This energy is a scalar wave, which is proportional to the number of elementary particles contained in a particular atomic space, and is emitted from specific atomic space at all times.

The study of quantum has been going on for more than a century. From 1900, Planck first proposed the concept of quantum, and later Einstein proposed the concept of light quantum. The launch and commissioning of the China Quantum Communications Satellite in 2016 was successful. From theoretical research to scientific practice, quantum science and technology has once again promoted the advancement and development of high-tech, and has been used more for military, civilian, and people's livelihoods. The technology involves physical, optical, biological, polymer materials and nanotechnology, life information and other technical areas.

The excitation light properties of inorganic materials mainly depend on three basic excitation processes

    1. Absorption of incident light energy
    2. Energy conversion (mass and energy interchange)
    3. Partial energy conversion into photons

The photon energy is expressed in HV, where V is the frequency of the light, and in the visible field, the 14 hz,h of the magnitude of V is the Planck constant, and its value is 6.626 X 10-34 joules. The energy of the ground state atom is E1 and the excitation states are E2, and there are two possible processes that occur when there is a foreign radiation acting on the atoms of the two energy-order systems:

    1. Stimulated absorption: Each substance consists of atoms, and each atom
       has a specific energy level. According to Bozeman's principle, under the
       thermal equilibrium, the atomic number concentration of the i-th energy
       level is Ni, then Ni/N0=exp(-DeltaEi/KBT), wherein the total
       concentration N=N0+N1+N2+N3+N4 +N5+........, N0 is the number of atoms in
       the ground state. When atoms in the low-order levels absorb incident
       photons to high energy levels, the upper and lower energy difference  E
       is exactly equal to the incident photon energy, that is, DeltaE=E2-E1=hv.
       That is to say, the energy that the atom increases by absorbing photons
       is equal to the energy lost by the incident light, which is exactly what
       the law of conservation of energy requires.
    2. Stimulated radiation: The atom in the upper energy level (excited state)
       radiates a photon of energy hv under the action of incident light. Its
       energy decreases and returns to the ground state, and the incident light
       is increased in energy due to obtaining a photon. It can be seen that, as
       a result of the stimulated radiation, the incident light is amplified.

Dato' Sri Prof. Ng is a Visiting Professor and Honorary Fellow of Canadian Chartered Institute of Business Administration and Honorary Dean and Senior Fellow of Asian College of Knowledge Management. He travels a lot all over the world and has lived in South Korea, the US and Australia. Since 2013, he's received more than 120 honor titles and awards granted by the US Congress, California State Senate, and other major cities of the US for 6 consecutive years. He has been invited to participate in the China National Day reception for 8 consecutive years. Prof. Ng is not only an expert in economics, politics and quantum physics, but also an inventor who has independently developed more than 100 international patents. He is also committed to the promotion and development of public welfare undertakings. He is an internationally well-known philanthropist and public diplomat.

Prof. Ng has more than 100 international patent applications registered in 152 countries in the PCT system of the WIPO. He is hailed as "Father of Atmospheric Water Generation" due to his scientific research like "Air Purification and Condensing Technology" and "Atmospheric Dew Converting System". In addition, he has made great achievements in the field of quantum physics, and the development of scalar wave quantum implant technology which has become a new benchmark for leading the development of quantum technology.

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