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  • Maintenance Repair Overhaul and Logistics Support
  • Mechanical, Electro-mechanical, Hydraulic and Pneumatic components
  • Metal Processing, Parts & Components

INDUSTRIAS JILA LTDA., is a metal mechanic company involved with the manufacture, repair and maintenance of parts and components for industrial machinery. With the help of experienced and skilled engineers and technicians, INDUSTRIAS JILA LTDA. has been actively participating in the metal mechanic sector with major projects related to the construction and assembly of soap filling machines for multinational companies in Colombia and abroad.

Production Capacity

The Company's goal is to increase production efficiency through the purchase of equipment of the latest technology, as well as technological upgrades, the updating of existing quality management systems and the preservation of the environment, thus ensuring international recognition in industries, such as:

  • The Pharmaceutical Industry,
  • The Paper Industry,
  • The Cupboard Industry,
  • The Plastics Industry,
  • The Food Industry,
  • The Tire Industry,
  • The Metal Products Industry,
  • The Cleaning Products Industry.


Contact info #1

Luis Felipe Araque
+57 2 896 0060
+57 2 885 1558
Cra 13A # 23-39, Cali, Valle del Cauca, Colombia

Manufacturing Services

INDUSTRIAS JILA LTDA., thanks to its experience and technical capabilities has succeeded in carrying out projects that fulfill customers’ needs and expectations. Among the many products the Company manufactures are:

• Manufacture of machinery for the general industry,
• Manufacture and repair of dies and matrices,
• Manufacture and repair of special parts, such as sprockets, shafts, bushings, rollers, blades, crowns, screws and cams,
• Manufacture of soap and detergent packaging machines,
• Printing and extruding machinery,
• Mechanical brakes and clutches,
• Pneumatic and mechanical machinery,
• MIG and TIG welding processes.

INDUSTRIAS JILA LTDA. uses high quality materials and is duly certified in the supply of special steel, stainless steel, gray iron, aluminum and engineering plastic tools.

INDUSTRIAS JILA LTDA. as a manufacturing company serves the general industry with the help of well-trained personnel in different production areas and the support of modern production equipment, such as:

• CNC Lathing machine,
• CNC Parallel Lathe,
• Universal Milling Machines,
• Vertical Milling Machines,
• Turret Milling Machines,
• Grinder Machine,
• Brush Machine,
• Flame Cutting Equipment,
• Electric Welding Machine,
• Argon Equipment,
• MIG Welding Equipment,
• TIG Welding Equipment,
• High Precision Accessories and Tools,
• Measuring Instruments,
• Gauges.

With the help of its technical personnel in the commercial area, the Company is able to timely meet the needs of their customers, with the execution of projects with the support of modern computational methods or physical samples supplied by the customer.

Milling Machines

INDUSTRIAS JILA LTDA. is equipped with specialised milling machines, namely:

  • TOPAZ 1.000 Universal Milling Machine, with electronic display,
  • POWERMILL KONDIA and CARMAD SW 4000 Vertical Milling Machines with 3-axis and electronic display,
  • FIRST Turret Milling Machines with 3-axis and electronic display,
  • LAGUN FTV-2 3-axis Turret Milling Machines with electronic display.

Production Equipment

INDUSTRIAS JILA LTDA. is equipped with specialised production equipment, namely:

• Flat Grinding Machine. Length: 400 mm. Brand: WORK KING TOOLS,
• Vertical Drill,
• Brush Machine. Length: 6 mm. Brand: INVICTA. Brush Length: 600 mm,
• Flame Cutting Equipment,
• Electric Welding Equipment. LINCOLN 250 AMPS,
• Electric Welding Equipment. LINCOLN 330 AMPS,
• Hydraulic Press. 40 Tons,
• Argon Welding Equipment,
• High Precision Accessories and Tools.

Lathing Machines

  • CNC Lathe. Brand: CHEVALIER, Model: FCL-1840F. Swing: 460 mm. Centre distance: 1.000 mm.
  • Parallel Lathe, CA 6261C. Brand: IMATURN with electronic display, EASSON ES-8. Distance between centres: 2.000 mm. Swing over bed: 610 mm. Spindle: 4’’.
  • Parallel Lathe. Brand: PINACHO. Model: SP.250. Distance between centres: 1.600 mm. Swing over bed: 500 mm.
  • Parallel Lathe. Brand: LOGAN 6250 with electronic display, CARMAD, SW 4000 Distance between centres: 1.500 mm. Swing over bed: 500 mm.
  • Parallel Lathe. Brand: WORK KING TOOLS CD 6250B. Distance between centres: 1.500 mm. Swing over bed: 510 mm.
  • Parallel Lathe. Brand: PINACHO. Model: SP.250. Distance between centres: 1.650 mm. Swing over bed: 500 mm.


Among the Company's customers are:

• MAC S.A.,


Industrias Jila Ltda.

  • Cra 13A # 23 39, Valle del Cauca, Cali, Colombia
  • +57 2 896 0060, +57 2 896 0061
  • +57 2 885 1558
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