Relax in Comfort Gives Orlando a Sneak Peek at a New Virtual Reality Mattress Buying Experience Before It Rolls Out Nationwide

Relax in Comfort Gives Orlando a Sneak Peek at a New Virtual Reality Mattress Buying Experience Before It Rolls Out Nationwide

Retail mattress buying experience gets an infusion of technology with the advent of VR tour inside beds.

ORLANDO, Fla., May 30, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- The mattress buying experience changed over Memorial Day Weekend when Orlando-based Relax in Comfort launched the iSense Sleep Comfort Control(TM) line of mattresses. The world's first mattresses to offer adjustable firmness in innerspring and memory foam support systems, in addition to air. The mattress manufacturer uses a unique Virtual Reality experience to take consumers on a ride through their beds to illustrate both the construction and how the technology works.

When asked about the VR Experience, Don DePaulis, founder of Relax in Comfort said, "It's a totally new customer experience. The entire sales process is energized by the Virtual Reality demo--a powerful sales tool that does an excellent job in both educating and entertaining the customer in their Comfort Control(TM) technology in all three support systems."

iSense Sleep is a new company on the mattress scene, founded by a 30-year veteran of the industry with the desire to put control in the hands of the consumer, both in the functionality of the mattresses themselves and by demystifying the mattress buying experience.

Relax in Comfort is excited to offer adjustable firmness to all three types of mattress buyers, traditional number beds, memory foam beds, and innerspring models. DePaulis remarked, "Until now, adjustable firmness mattresses have only been available for those desiring the original air number bed feeling--with iSense Sleep Comfort Control(TM), adjustable firmness is also available in both memory foam and innerspring models for those who like the hug of memory foam or the bounce of spring, but for the first time ever now adjustable from ultra soft to ultra firm. There has never been a spring or foam mattress with individual mattress comfort control--this opens up an adjustable firmness option to the 95% of the sleepers not sleeping on air number bed technology. You have to experience it for yourself to fully appreciate the technology. iSense Sleep Comfort Control(TM) eliminates compromise and allows each partner to customize their preferred firmness at the touch of a button."

With four locations in the Orlando area, Relax in Comfort is a second generation family owned & operated back care and sleep specialty company. Partnering with many highly respected wellness brands, Relax in Comfort is committed to developing the highest quality products at the lowest possible prices to provide their customers with better sleep and--ultimately--better waking hours.

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