Ortho Mattress Offers Free Bed to First Responders in Memorial Day “Match Sale”

To honor frontline healthcare workers and first responders throughout Southern California and the Phoenix metropolitan area fighting the coronavirus, Ortho Mattress announced today it will match every mattress purchased with a free mattress during its Memorial Day sales period through May 17.

“We wanted to express our gratitude to the healthcare workers fighting on the frontlines of this pandemic, and we know our customers feel the same,” said Ortho CEO Kenneth Karmin. “With this program, the bed you buy means a free mattress for those on the frontlines of the crisis we all share.”

First responders can qualify for the program by signing up at Orthomattress.com with their job title and workplace. Customers who buy online or at a retail store open under local guidelines will receive a certificate of matching. The matched first responder will be notified and delivery or pick-up of their free mattress arranged.

“We felt we had to do something more,” Karmin said. “This program teams up Ortho and our loyal customers to provide nurses and EMTs with something they can really use right now—a better night’s sleep. Our factories here in the U.S. are already busy making masks, and now giving away mattresses to those who protect us will be an honor.”

The offer applies to sales of Doctor Preferred, Doctor Preferred Reserve and the Avant line of mattresses. The first-responder gift mattress is a Club Two Signature Plush with gel-infused memory foam and independent coils. Qualified first responders can pick up the mattress for free or use the $549-value to upgrade their mattress.

“We want the first line of defense to take advantage of this opportunity,” Karmin said. “Our staff and factory crews are excited to help, and happy to keep busy during this temporary time of crisis.”

About Ortho Mattress

Ortho Mattress is a proud American manufacturer headquartered in Cerritos, Calif. Founded in 1957, Ortho Mattress today has the most mattress stores throughout Southern California and the Phoenix metropolitan area. The company offers a wide array of factory-direct mattresses including its Ortho Doctor Preferred mattress brand. For more information, visit www.orthomattress.com.