Viderium Launch New Data Facility in Latvia

LONDON, July 13, 2018 /PRNewswire/ --

Viderium Ltd is a company specialising in a variety of data solutions, including the creation and operation of data centres to facilitate high-performance computing (HPC). Viderium offer a corporate bond to qualified investors, for more information please see -

Viderium recently confirmed that they've agreed terms to expand their business operations to include Latvia. Already operating out of Hampshire and Rotterdam, Latvia is an exciting step allowing the company to further reduce outgoing costs as well as diversifying its operations.

Ross Archer, CEO of Viderium said: "Operating out of Latvia feels like natural progression, it gives Viderium diversity and some very favourable commercial terms which will only enhance our bottom line. High-performance computing is energy intensive and as such we inherently search for the most cost effective and sustainable areas to do business. In Latvia, we feel we have agreed some of the most competitive pricing in the market."

Latvia ranks in the top ten countries globally by the average measured internet connection speed. In 2012, the Baltic Highway, a modern data transmission network, was launched. Whilst increasing the access speed to international web-based content, it has allowed the development of internet-based-services in the East and West directions. The high capacity infrastructure offered by the Baltic Highway provides great investment opportunities for the national data-intensive companies.

Viderium are expecting their first shipment of equipment to be delivered to their Latvian facility by the 20th July 2018.

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SOURCE Viderium Ltd