Aero and RSW Aviation agreed on a strategic cooperation on the L-39NG/CW Program

AERO Vodochody, a leading Czech aerospace company and one of the biggest light jets manufacturer in the world, and RSW Aviation, a one of the top military training providers in the United States covering training for military forces worldwide from ab initio to operationally qualified stage, signed today a Letter of Intent for delivery of 12 L-39NG Aircraft and also additionally upgrade of 6 legacy L-39 into the L-39CW variant allowing rapid introduction of the L-39CW/NG into service with RSW.

The combination of the modern L-39NG training aircraft and the innovative and customer needs´ oriented approach of RSW, brings to the market an unparalleled opportunity for the training of modern air forces. The L-39NG/CW fleet will be made available by RSW for various customers in its US based training academy allowing training from ab initio stage up to the operational clearance level. The L-39NG is being certified using the European Military Airworthiness Requirements (EMARs) and thus brings a true compatibility and interoperability within EU and NATO operators avoiding any additional certification and cross-border processes. The L-39NG fleet LoI includes a set of state of the art simulators and debriefing devices for effective training and learning process.

The AERO-RSW cooperation is a key element of AERO’s global strategy for cooperation with other selected partners offering unprecedented availability of jet training to any Air Force in the world who want the latest platforms but are facing cost restraints. Aero and RSW furthermore agreed on implementation of unique RSW and its affiliate companies skills in terms of military systems integration into the L-39NG/CW fleet. For overseas customers RSW will be also authorized to perform an operational support of their L-39NG fleets. 

Giuseppe Giordo, President & CEO of AERO, said: “Today represents a significant milestone for AERO, because through this LoI, we are developing a strategic partnership with RSW. Through this partnership, we will be delivering to RSW 12 L-39NG but also 6 L-39CW, increasing the production backlog of AERO up to 38 new aircraft.”  Giuseppe Giordo commented the cooperation with RSW Aviation as a new era of the jet training, as the RSW unique fleet composition including piston and turboprop aircraft with similar avionics concept allows to the operators to select an ideal mix of flight training with experienced USAF and USMC instructors for gaining maximum knowledge and expertise within reasonable budget. “We have identified a lot of synergies between the RSW customer oriented approach and the capabilities of L-39NG and are proud that RSW selected the L-39NG as a corner-stone of its lead-in training capability,” add Giuseppe Giordo.  

David Patrick, Chief Operating Officer of RSW states that the L-39NG compliments the RSW Shorts Tucano very well, yielding a very compelling pilot training solution to their customers. “The addition of the L-39NG further solidifies our ability to prepare a fighter pilot for a 4th+ generation fighter aircraft with exceptional value.”

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