Aero intends to support Slovak industry. Offers cooperation in the production of the L-39NG aircraft

Prague, May 12, 2022 – Aero Vodochody AEROSPACE (Aero), a long-term pilot training partner of the Slovak Air Force, presented its newest jet pilot training solutions at the International Defence Exhibition Bratislava (IDEB 2022) and the Festival of Aviation in Piešt'any.

The IDEB 2022 International Defence Exhibition in Bratislava, which ended today, was a successful event for Aero, with a number of important meetings taking place at the company's booth. The Czech Defence Minister, Mrs. Jana Černochová held talks with her Slovak counterpart, Mr. Jaroslav Naď regarding strategic cooperation between the two countries, as well as in local industrial cooperation in the delivery of the L-39NG aircraft to Slovakia.

In addition, Aero had a very constructive meeting with the Director of Letecké opravovne Trenčín (LOTN), Mr. Ľubomír Galek regarding specific plans for industrial cooperation in the areas of production, maintenance and support of the L-39NG. During the event, Aero also took the opportunity to meet additional prominent guests, including the Commander of the Slovak Air Force, Brig. Gen. Róbert Tóth and Mgr. Jiří Protiva, Director of LOM Praha, with whom was discussed the strategic partnership between the two companies for the coming years.           

"Our L-39NG is an effective platform for training F-16 pilots, as well as for performing a variety of tactical missions, effectively and very efficiently. We are currently preparing the launch of a long-term strategic cooperation with the Slovak industry on the production of the L-39NG. The L-39 aircraft have been a partner of the Slovak Air Force for several decades and the Air Force is satisfied with it. The acquisition of the L-39NG aircraft is a logical continuation of the existing cooperation," said Viktor Sotona, CEO and President of the company, who also visited IDEB 2022.

At the Air Force Festival in Piešt'any last weekend, visitors were presented with a special version of the L-39 CM Albatros with a special livery which pays tribute to the legendary Czechoslovak aviator Genmjr. Otto Smik on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of his birth. Aero thus supported the 2nd Squadron of the Slovak Air Force from Sliač Air Base, which has been operating L-39 Albatros aircraft for many years.

Aero is an exclusive partner of another major aviation event in Slovakia. At the end of August, the company is going to present its aircraft in static and dynamic demonstration at the SIAF 2022 in Malacky.

Matěj Oliva, Director Marketing and PR
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AERO Vodochody AEROSPACE a.s. focuses on the design, manufacture, maintenance, overhaul and upgrade of military and civil aircraft. It is the largest aviation manufacturer in the Czech Republic and with history dating back to 1919, Aero is one of the oldest aerospace companies in the world. In the field of military aircraft, Aero has been a reliable long-term partner to many of the world's air forces and continues to maintain a strong position on the market of military training and light combat aircraft.

With a track record of 11,000 aircraft produced over the last 100 years, a broad coverage of dozens of military operators and demo teams, a significant existing fleet of L-39 Albatrosses and with a brand new aircraft, the L-39NG, Aero is maintaining its positioning as a leader in the jet training market. In the field of civil aviation, Aero collaborates with many of the world's largest manufacturers in a diverse range of projects.

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