NanaWall Debuts Exclusive 3D Visual Studio Design Tool for Architects

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 15, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- NanaWall Systems--the pioneer of the opening glass wall category--introduces a new architectural design tool, NanaWall 3D Visual Studio(TM). NanaWall 3D Visual Studio is an exclusive cloud-based design program that provides architects with an interactive solution to visualize and animate their design using NanaWall Single Track Sliding glass walls.

The tool enables architects to instantly adjust the placement of glass walls and explore remote stacking capabilities to optimize valuable space. It can then render and email consolidated CAD (Computer Aided Design) and PDF files of design drawings, making it easy to incorporate the glass wall systems into the project.

"We developed NanaWall 3D Visual Studio to provide architects with an interactive option to easily visualize their designs," said NanaWall Systems CEO Ebrahim Nana. "This tool offers architects the ability to explore all attributes of our Single Track Sliding glass walls and remote stacking feature in order to create the optimal space for their clients."

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This proprietary tool integrates with NanaWall's RemoteSTACK feature, which makes it possible to completely remove panels from the opening and stack them elsewhere: along the side of the room, in a different room, or in a hidden pocketed parking bay to increase usable space in commercial and residential applications.

For example, on projects with immoveable load-bearing pillars in the middle of the floor plan, NanaWall 3D Visual Studio makes it possible to visualize multiple configurations for the best possible solution. It helps architects identify ideal locations to store sliding glass wall panels when not in use, enabling flexible and efficient use of space while providing a clean aesthetic to maximize views.

NanaWall 3D Visual Studio is just one tool among many complimentary NanaWall services offered to architects so they can realize their unique ideas and visions. For example, the company also has a dedicated architect on staff and a specialized Service Design Team to help architects more easily integrate Single Track Sliding glass walls into their projects.

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