Why Licensed Cultivators and Licensed Producers need ERP Cannabis Software

LAS VEGAS, Aug. 30, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Did you know that Cannabis Seed-to-Software systems fail to provide critical ERP features and functionality that ONLY Cannabis ERP software provides? If you are a Cannabis Licensed Cultivator in the United States or Licensed Producer in Canada or any other country where cannabis is legal, you need to know the important differences between Seed-to-Sale software and ERP software.

Think about this: Restrictive rules and continuing compliance mandates are a given for companies operating in the cannabis industry. Cannabis companies looking to scale and remain competitive must seek to improve controls as well as overall process effectiveness - using business management solutions such as ERP software. Before the cannabis industry gained legitimacy, the only business management software available to companies were Seed-to-Sale software solutions. And while Seed-to-Sale tracking systems are now calling themselves "enterprise-level business management solutions," they fall short. Just like every other established manufacturing and distribution enterprise, cannabis businesses need real ERP software to enable well-defined business processes, measure their effectiveness, and drive continuous improvement.

While Seed-to-Sale software does address compliance issues of product tracking in the cannabis industry, it falls short in its ability to drive operational excellence throughout the rest of the company's operations. It lacks the ability to track costs associated with the inventory of raw materials and finished goods. Without allocated costs, companies cannot effectively make decisions based on true product performance and market share. Ask yourself, if you were audited, how would you show that you've appropriately recognized allocated costs and matched them with the sale of products? Are you able to track reorder points on supplies such as nutrients, soil, or packaging? If you're using Seed-to-Sale software, the answer is probably no.

The problem is very simple: Seed-to-Sale software fails to combine this information with other operations within the company in an effective, cohesive manner. A simple export of data does not tie systems together effectively. Company departments must have a way to communicate and collaborate on real-time information. How are sales orders being fulfilled? How do operations managers analyze labor by function and gain insight into turnover issues? How does procurement forecast and purchase to satisfy demand?

The solution is Enterprise Resource Planning. ERP refers to a software solution that allows an organization to use integrated applications to efficiently manage the business and its operations. If you think about all the various processes essential to running a business--accounting, manufacturing, inventory/warehouse management, sales/customer tracking, and human resource management--ERP looks to integrate all the various functions into one complete system to streamline and deliver information across the entire organization.

365 Cannabis is a comprehensive vertically integrated cannabis software solution built on the Microsoft Dynamics platform. We are a Microsoft Gold Partner and our full ERP solution incorporates Cultivation, Production, ACMPR Compliance, QC, Finance, Dispensing, CRM, Payroll, Warehousing, Distribution, Multi-Facility, Multi-Company, Language, Currency and more! We have a variety of LPs in Canada as well as companies across the US on our system. Our software is modular so we can be flexible in our deployment with you - plus, you can also add on different modules such as Payroll, Maintenance, HR and integrate into other systems with our open API. Learn more at http://d365cannabis.com/ or email info@365vertical.com or call 888-609-6766.

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