Apartment Communities to Be Even More Overwhelmed With Packages as FedEx and UPS Move to Saturday Delivery

ATLANTA, Sept. 14, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- HelloPackage, a sophisticated new package management system platform technology, wants apartment owners and managers to know the influx of packages they receive currently is going to greatly increase now that FedEx Ground and UPS have announced Saturday delivery.

According to FedEx, parcel volumes that broke records 10 years ago don't even match an average day's volume today. And Pitney Bowes Parcel Shipping Index points to an eight percent parcel volume growth year-over-year in 2017. With expected eCommerce growth of 40 percent, in the next four years, apartment owners and managers will see more packages, bigger packages, more carriers, more confusion, more hassles and more of their leasing time gone. This doesn't even account for the holidays, where packages are delivered in two or three times the volume.

"The 'package problem' in your communities did not exist five years ago. As it grew, you made handling residents' packages part of your staff's job description in the name of customer service," states James D. Grady, Founder & CEO of Package Solutions, Inc., the makers of HelloPackage. "When that distracted the staff from leasing apartments, you installed package lockers to get your staff hours back. Now, the package lockers are overflowing due to increasing package volume, size, weight and shape. With FedEx and UPS now delivering on weekends, this scenario is only going to get worse."

Modern technology is the efficient and easy way to handle the maximum number of packages in the limited package room space. The system can handle three to five times the number of packages in a given space over package lockers, while also accommodating large packages with ease. HelloPackage offers a software-driven package management system platform that is specifically designed to turn the 'package problem' into the 'package opportunity.' The system gets staff out of the business of managing packages, so they can spend their time leasing apartments.

Three years of development went into building HelloPackage, a less expensive and easily expandable package management system platform that uses advanced weight sensors, computer vision, machine learning and artificial intelligence to streamline the process of managing packages at apartment communities. The system is a custom-designed SaaS (Software as a Service) system with an enabling, plug and play hardware component. The solution allows the carriers (UPS, FedEx, etc.) to quickly and easily deliver packages so that they do not block the package room, then residents are automatically notified that their package has arrived. HelloPackage also allows residents to send back eCommerce returns or other packages right in the package room.

For more information on HelloPackage, visit www.hellopackage.com.

About HelloPackage

HelloPackage is a patent pending sophisticated package management system technology, bringing an innovative, lockerless package solution that proves less expensive and more efficient than any other product currently in the market. HelloPackage was developed by Package Solutions, Inc. To learn more about HelloPackage, visit www.hellopackage.com.

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