Fighting depression, discovering resilience and lifestyles this month on Ismael Cala's podcast, dMENTE Positivo

Doctors Simón Fit and César Lozano, and experts Eli Bravo, Eva Hughes and Jorge Patrono will be the guests. This podcast is available free every week on the platform

MIAMI, Oct. 2, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Ismael Cala, life and business strategist, lecturer and author of eight bestsellers on themes of leadership and emotional intelligence, is presenting four new programs in October on his podcast dMENTE Positivo, a space about awakening awareness and personal growth.

October will feature the following guests and issues:

Tuesday, 2 de October: Guest: Doctor Simón Fit. If you had to compare your life to a race course, what would it look like? 100 meters on a flat track, an obstacle course or a 42-kilometer marathon? Learn a little more about resilience. Also about diet, the holistic world, physical health and emotional wellbeing.

Tuesday, October 9: Guest: Doctor César Lozano, renowned Mexican doctor, broadcaster and lecturer. On this occasion he will reveal the alarm signals to help a loved one who is considering death as an alternative to depression. In addition, he will offer tips on keeping toxic people at a distance.

Tuesday, October 16: Guest: Eli Bravo, Venezuelan communicator, author and lecturer. He is one of the most active figures on mindfulness in Spanish. In this episode, we'll analyze why it's hard for us to place limits on the people around us, especially our loved ones. In addition, we'll do some digging on complex family relations and the gregarious behavior of human beings.

Tuesday, October 23: Guest: Eva Hughes, an expert on fashion and lifestyle. CEO of Condé Nast (Mexico and Latin America) and Editor in Chief of Vogue (Mexico and Latin America). In this episode she will reveal details on how she gave up yoga and meditation for many years, and how she subsequently resumed these practices in a rather unusual way. She also shares how she has changed her hectic lifestyle.

Tuesday, October 30: Guest: Jorge Patrono, Argentine communicator, composer and producer, 2-time Grammy nominee. An expert in neuroscience, epigenetics and diet. His most recent documentary is Tu vida, tu creación ('Your life, your creation'). Here he explores matters of health, personal wellbeing and quantum fields.

Ismael Cala, Lorena Susso and Moe Morales guarantee four programs in October brimming with information and recommendations on the podcast dMENTE Positivo, distributed free on the reVolver platform:

It is simultaneously available for download on Apple, Podcast, Google Play, and Spotify.


A life and business strategist, for five and a half years Ismael Cala was the host of CALA during prime time on CNN en Español. Businessman and social entrepreneur. Author of eight bestsellers on themes of leadership, entrepreneurship and personal development, including El poder de escuchar ('The power of listening'), and Despierta con Cala ('Wake up with Cala'). Cala was born in Santiago de Cuba in 1969, and holds a degree in Art History from Oriente University. He is the co-author of the book "Beat the Curve," with Brian Tracy. He graduated from the School of Communication at York University in Toronto, and has a diploma from Seneca College in Television Production. He is President and founder of the Cala Enterprises Corporation and the Ismael Cala Foundation

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