Experts hold debate on emotional development programs to prevent depression and violence among youth

MIAMI, Nov. 18, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- An expert from the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) and the World Health Organization (WHO) called for the implementation of emotional development programs to prevent depression, violence and death among youth.

"80% of deaths among young people are from preventable causes, from violence. Suicide is also a very concerning issue, with high rates in the region, turning it into a public health problem," said Dr. Sonja Caffe, regional advisor in Adolescent Health with the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) and the World Health Organization (WHO).

She made these statements at the II Forum on Alliances for Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), organized by the Ismael Cala Foundation around the theme "Emotional Intelligence, A Pathway to Peace and Quality Education."

Dr. Caffe also pointed out that "depression, anxiety, and interpersonal violence are current drivers of disability," while praising "programs like The Flight of the Kite, which is what our young people need."

The PAHO/WHO expert commended the Ismael Cala Foundation team for organizing the forum and "for the work they do for young people and children."

Melanie Reimers, Director of the Tigo Foundation, also participated in the multi-sector panel at the forum. She mentioned the resources her institution has allocated to the development of education in Guatemala, especially to improve the infrastructure of schools, with over 365 schools receiving aid and more than 1,600 computers installed.

"We've recently implemented a program called Click to Learn and put educational content within the reach of teachers and kids," added Reimers. They also have a program in place called Connected Teachers, which is 100% virtual and free-of-charge, to spread knowledge on the use of technological tools, neuroeducation, and emotional intelligence brain exercises, with over 20,000 participants nationwide.

Karina Reyes, corporate director of Human Resources at a major international gas and oil company present in five Central American nations, said the following about The Flight of the Kite program: "It teaches us as facilitators to lead ourselves, and young people to realize that they can achieve their goals." Reyes is also a certified facilitator with The Flight of the Kite Program.

Ismael Cala, founder and president of the Ismael Cala Foundation, moderated the gathering from home and stated: "We're not intimidated by the figures we see when it comes to the emotional health of adolescents; rather, on the contrary, they challenge us to take action. We feel the responsibility to respond, and an example of this is this forum."

Dilcia Prieto de Ruan, Director of International Alliances and Projects at the Ismael Cala Foundation pointed out that The Flight of the Kite Program endeavors "to train teenagers and young people to acknowledge and manage their emotions," zeroing in on three main themes: self-control, leadership, and acknowledgment one's own emotions.

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