Strategic Factor Analysis Summary (SFAS) Framework Analysis: 2018-2019 - Global Top 7 Construction Equipment Manufacturers: Caterpillar, CNH Industrial, Hitachi, John Deere, Komatsu, Liebherr, Volvo -

The Global Construction Equipment market has made an effective comeback; after a significant downturn spanning multiple years; with demand levels for 2017 & H1 2018 witnessing a strong growth globally with resurgence seen across most key markets with an uptick in construction activity, world economy gaining traction, return of Chinese spending on infrastructure development projects after an extended hiatus and uptick in the energy sector activity post recovery in global crude oil prices to their regular levels with energy commodity prices projected to increase by 20% year on year in 2018.

Base metal prices, too, are projected to register an increase in 2018 which is likely to provide a boost to mining activity.

However, macroeconomic environmental uncertainties & the onset of the trade war amongst the world's two largest economies pose most significant downside risks to the World economic growth.

Against this backdrop, this SFAS Framework Analysis will thus be crucial to understand & assess as to how are the OEMs strategically positioned in a rapidly changing and evolving industry dynamics and market environment and how adaptive, responsive & prepared are they to be able to ride the waves of change & disruption blowing through the market.

Companies Featured

  • Caterpillar Inc.
  • CNH Industrial N.V.
  • Deere & Company
  • Hitachi Construction Machinery Co. Ltd.
  • Komatsu Limited
  • Liebherr-International AG
  • Volvo AB

Key Topics Covered

Section - 1

Business Structure & Snapshot - For each of the Top 7 Construction Equipment Manufacturers

a) Founded

b) Headquartered

c) Business Segments

d) Employees

e) Revenues

f) Market Capitalization

g) Key Executives

h) Shareholding/Ownership Pattern & Structure

Section - 2

Financial Performance Snapshot & Analysis - Charts & Analysis for each Company:

1. Revenue Base & Growth Trend

2. Revenues Split by Key Segments

3. Revenues Split by Key Geographic Markets & Regions

4. Gross Earnings & Margin Trend

5. Operating Earnings & Operating Margin Trend

6. Return on Sales Trend

7. Profitability Growth Trend

8. Cash Flow from Operations

9. R&D Expenditure Trend

10. CAPEX Trend

Section - 3

Internal Factor Analysis Summary (IFAS) Matrix - For each of the Top 7 OEMs

  • Quantified Strategic Factors categorized under Strengths
  • Quantified Strategic Factors categorized under Weaknesses

Section - 4

External Factor Analysis Summary (EFAS) Matrix

  • Quantified Strategic Factors categorized under Opportunities
  • Quantified Strategic Factors categorized under Threats

Section - 5

Strategic Factor Analysis Summary (SFAS) Matrix - With reprioritization, quantification & ranking of respective strategic factors deriving from IFAS & EFAS matrices.

  • Quantified Sources of Strengths which could be Leveraged
  • Quantified Weaknesses to be Worked Upon
  • Opportunities to be Capitalized Upon & their Quantification to Assess Degree of Relevance & Usefulness
  • Threats to be Mitigated, Negated & Overcome & their Quantification to Assess Potential Degree of Impact

Section - 6

Comparative Ranking of Industry Players - based on SFAS Scores

  • Caterpillar Inc.
  • Komatsu Limited
  • Volvo AB
  • CNH Industrial N.V.
  • Hitachi Construction Machinery Co. Ltd.
  • Liebherr-International AG
  • Deere & Company

Section - 7

Global Construction Equipment Market - Force Field Analysis - Analysis of Driving & Restraining Forces and their Overall Dynamics

  • Driving Forces
  • Restraining Forces

Section - 8

Key Market & Technology Trends - Analysis of Key Trends poised to Shape & Transform the future

Section - 9

Key Issues, Challenges & Risk Factors

Section - 10

Global Construction Equipment Market - Strategic Outlook - 2018-2022

  • Analysis of Emerging Market Scenario
  • Demand Outlook for Construction Equipment
  • Annual Forecasts for Construction Equipment Sales - Units - 2018-2022
  • Projected Construction Equipment Sales Split by Key Geographic Markets - Units - 2018-2022

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