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Motion Hellas Ltd., is an industrial Hi-Tech company with activities in the fields of real time control systems, engineering, simulation systems, manufacturing and CIM Software applications, services and products for the defense, industrial sectors, and SMEs.

Company provides services, as well as hardware (H/W) and software (S/W) products in the business and engineering sectors to Greek enterprises, including Defence, covering both the commercial and the engineering areas.

The company's areas of business are structured in 6 units namely:

  • Production management systems
  • Environmental protection and energy management systems
  • Automation systems
  • Software and hardware products
  • Project supervision, planning, monitoring and progress control
  • Action plan and development of training courses

Research and development projects include:

  • RECITE II programme 1999-2002 "TRANSTECH":?ransport Technology Product and Process Innovation Management. A successful experiment (UVHC, WISTA, INETI, NTUA, Motion Hellas, Fraunhofer Institute, TZV, ADTRANZ, BMW Aero Engines etc)
  • BRITE/EURAM programme 1996 "VISION":Vibration Interpretation using Simulation and the Intelligence of Networks
  • CRAFT BRITE/EURAM programme 1996: Controlling Waste in the food processing industry using intelligent ultrasound monitoring technology
    Motion Hellas Ltd has been quality certified to ISO 9000 standard.

Motion Hellas Ltd.

  • 8, Philippou Litsa Str., Halandri, Athens, Greece
  • +30 210 6858455
  • +30 210 6858860
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