PENETRON Technology Helps Power New Hydro Plant in Tajikistan

EAST SETAUKET, N.Y., Dec. 3, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- The first units of the Rogun Hydroelectric Plant went online in November 2018. While construction at the 3,600 MW plant will continue for years, Penetron topical materials have repaired and waterproofed the concrete sluices of the power plant, ensuring a smooth start-up.

Construction of a high-output hydroelectric plant on the Vakhsh River in southern Tajikistan was first proposed in 1959. The technical project was developed by 1965 and initial construction begun in 1976. After many delays, the state commission picked Salini Impregilo, an Italian construction and civil engineering company, in 2016 to complete the plant.

The US$3.9 billion project includes the embankment dam, hydraulic tunnels 1,100-1,500 meters (3,600-5,000-feet) long, an underground power generation facility with six turbine units, and auxiliary equipment. The six turbines have a total capacity of 3,600MW; the expected annual output for the plant will be about 17.1TWh of electrical power. Penetron Russia was asked to collaborate on this project and worked with the project designers and contractors on different elements of the construction.

"Once the Rogun plant is fully online, it will double Tajikistan's total energy production and also increase the amount of water available for agricultural activity," says Igor Chernogolov, President of Penetron Russia. "Ultimately, much of the surplus energy generated by the hydropower project will be exported to Pakistan, Afghanistan, and other neighboring countries."

Penetron topical crystalline materials were specified for extensive repair work as part of the upgrade project to prevent any further deterioration of the concrete structures at the Rogun Hydro plant. PENETRON and PENECRETE MORTAR were applied to the concrete sluices that were originally built in 1990.

Penetron crystalline products, consisting of various active, proprietary chemical formulations, are applied to the surface of new and existing concrete structures. Mixed with water and applied with a brush, trowel or spray gun, they protect and waterproof concrete structures by eliminating cracks, voids and fissures - even under conditions of high hydrostatic pressure.

"In total, over 65 tons of PENETRON topical material and PENECRETE MORTAR were applied to repair and restore the original concrete sluices," adds Igor Chernogolov.

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SOURCE The Penetron Group