Watergen Announces New Automotive Division That Will Change the Transportation Industry Forever

MIAMI, Jan. 3, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The debut of the revolutionary drinking water technology will be displayed at CES in Las Vegas, January 2019.

The technology provides clean drinking water in any vehicle using the atmospheric water generation technology pioneered by Watergen.

"At Watergen, we're excited to be the world leader in the atmospheric water generation industry and look forward to our continuing partnership with leaders in the automotive industry," says Yehuda Kaploun, President, Watergen USA.

"It must be the responsibility of the world's corporate leaders to provide solutions to humanity's most critical concerns. Watergen's new automotive division uses breakthrough technology to provide a critical supply of drinking water anywhere, for everyone," says Michael Mirilashvili, President, Watergen Ltd., Israel.

"Our scientists already developed the technology that implements the Watergen core technology inside cars, mobile homes, and all modes of transportation," says Mirilashvili.

Watergen is leading a global effort in response to depleting clean water supply and the reduction of the world's carbon footprint.

"As the source of drinking water becomes more critical, reducing plastics and carbon emissions are a priority for Watergen worldwide," says Ed Russo, CEO, Watergen USA

Watergen's automotive division will be focusing on solutions for water in vehicles. Leading car manufacturers are collaborating with Watergen on researching this technology for use in their vehicles.

This revolutionary technology will benefit both autonomous and regular vehicles. The clean water is generated by cooling the air, and water is readily available anywhere, anytime.

Pickup trucks and construction workers can utilize the readily generated water to also clean equipment, wash shoes and clothes when off road or outdoors.

This technology will change the autonomous automobile industry, by increasing the mileage between charges and improving control of the climate in the vehicle. The water generator cools the air as it removes toxins and humidity, causing the car to run more efficiently. Water can also be used to clean car sensors and car parts.

Watergen was selected as the CES 2019 Awardee for Best of Innovation for Tech for a better World for the GENNY, a home/office atmospheric water generator, and an Honoree for Best Home Appliance.

Watergen's mobile units are able to provide clean drinking water in hard to reach areas around the globe and have already been used in rescue efforts worldwide.

Using patented technology from Israel and manufactured in America and other locations globally, Watergen distributes large and medium scale water generators, emergency response vehicles, and the award-winning home/office appliance.

Watergen is the only atmospheric water generation company that was willing to undergo the EPA's rigorous testing, meeting or surpassing their standards.

More information on Watergen's automotive division can be found on Watergen's website here.

Visit Watergen at the CES show in Las Vegas, January 8-11, 2019 to see this innovation.

Come taste the future.

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