MediStreams to Grow Service Offerings Through Acquisition

ROSWELL, Ga., Jan. 16, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- MediStreams, a Revenue Cycle Management company, announces the acquisition of PaperHost, a cloud hosted Document Management company. MediStreams is an established leader in remittance processing for healthcare providers. Using proprietary technology, MediStreams improves the speed and accuracy with which payments (both paper and electronic) are posted to the accounting systems at provider sites.

The MediStreams services are designed to handle rapid customization resulting in ease of deployment. Our client base crosses a diverse mix of healthcare disciplines and includes many recognized national health systems, hospitals, clinics and physicians' groups. Our reseller partners typically pair our services with their own to create compelling service bundles.

PaperHost offers customized document workflows to host, manage, archive, and retrieve documents from any location via secure, cloud-based browsing. PaperHost delivers this content management without limitations on user counts or level of access. The PaperHost platform offers data capture, version control, annotations, document uploading, indexing, downloading, IP filtering and more. PaperHost customers span many lines of business including financial services, banking, accounting, healthcare, manufacturing, tax, and education. The PaperHost platform is scalable to any size enterprise.

PaperHost provides to MediStreams the document management component of our current service offerings. All documents that started life as paper are stored in a 10-year archive for presentation on the MediStreams online portal. By acquiring PaperHost, MediStreams insures that this technology is now a native part of the MediStreams technology platform without the need to outsource those services. Jim Coyle, CEO states, "These two companies are already joined through years of tight integration and partnership. It is fitting that we close the corporate gap between them and unleash the untapped potential that can be realized by blending the intellectual property of the two."

In addition, PaperHost pioneered the technology supporting the MediStreams lockbox operations of mail scanning, data capture and transmission of deposit information to banks. As a unified company, we are able to move together as we enhance our lockbox service offerings.

PaperHost will not go away. It will continue doing business as a division of MediStreams. It will leverage opportunities to expand into new service areas that step outside of traditional healthcare remittance processing. Existing PaperHost customers can rest assured that this merger will only strengthen our ability to grow and support their current services.

"The acquisition of PaperHost by MediStreams provides a springboard for both businesses as we expand our service offerings. MediStreams now owns the remittance processing workflow from incoming mail to posting and reconciliation of all payment transactions.", states John Koch, COO. "We look forward to creating new synergies that play to the strengths of each of these component companies as we design and develop new service offerings for both healthcare and non-healthcare customers."

MediStreams supplies outsourced Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management services for healthcare providers. MediStreams automates the flow of healthcare payments with lockbox services, ERA to EFT deposit reconciliation, paper to 835 conversions, patient payment and correspondence processing. MediStreams accelerates the posting of remittances, cuts manual processes and significantly reduces overhead costs. For more information, visit or call 866-836-2835.

PaperHost provides web-hosted document management products and services. PaperHost delivers solutions to organizations that need to give access to all unstructured content and keep strict controls and reporting over document access. For more information, visit or call 800- 882-3573.

SOURCE MediStreams