Pacific Reproductive Center Offers Families a New Beginning for the New Year

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 25, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Pacific Reproductive Center has helped families with fertility issues for more than 25 years and is excited to continue with its mission into the new year. The team uses the best technology and latest research to provide experienced and compassionate care to men and women and welcomes anyone dealing with fertility issues to make an appointment at one of the four Southern California treatment clinics.

The providers note that fertility is a complex issue, and many who think they are infertile can actually conceive with the help of assisted reproductive techniques. These techniques advance every year, and the clinic constantly finds new and innovative ways to help people conceive and carry children to term.

What is Infertility?
Infertility is defined as being unable to get pregnant after one year of trying, or six months if a woman is 35 years of age or older. Women who can get pregnant but are unable to carry the child to term may also be considered infertile.

Being diagnosed with infertility does not mean you cannot carry a child to term, though. Many fertility issues are treatable.

Infertility by the Numbers
Those who deal with fertility issues might feel as if they are alone, but that is far from the case. According to the CDC, approximately 10 percent of women in the United States between the ages of 15-44 have difficulty getting or staying pregnant. Female infertility can be caused by ovulation issues, blocked fallopian tubes, damaged/disrupted female reproductive tract, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), and other issues.

Women are not the only ones who deal with fertility issues. In approximately one-third of the cases, male infertility is the sole reason couples cannot conceive. While this is primarily due to unhealthy spermatozoa and/or undescended testicles, it can also be caused by heavy alcohol use, drugs, smoking, endocrine disorders, and other issues.

Treating Fertility Issues
At one time, couples had few options to treat fertility issues, but now, with the help of the Pacific Reproductive Center, issues can be treated, and couples can conceive children. The process begins by diagnosing the underlying issue. Then, the doctor will begin a treatment protocol based on the issue.

Treatments can include medicine, therapy, surgery, assisted reproductive technology, or a combination of options. For instance, if premature ejaculation is the issue, the doctor might create a treatment protocol that includes behavioral therapy and medication. However, surgery is needed if the patient is infertile due to undescended testicles.
In women, medication can help various ovulation issues, while a tubal surgery might be required if the fallopian tubes are blocked. The team at Pacific Reproductive Center will analyze your specific case and find the best option for you.

About Pacific Reproductive Center
Pacific Reproductive Center has been assisting families for over 25 years. Each of the four clinics is staffed with trained and skilled physicians that provide the highest level of care to their patients. Pacific Reproductive Center offers diagnostic and treatment services and has a high rate of success. To learn more about Pacific Resource Center, visit or call 866-423-2645 for a free phone consultation.

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