Tallac Networks Introduces a New Level of SD-Branch Remote Site Automation

ROCKLIN, Calif., Jan. 28, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Tallac Networks, a leader in cloud-based software-defined networking, today announced availability of its new SD-Branch solution that delivers a new level of remote site automation for customers' branch offices providing increased uptime and business continuity for business critical applications, faster responsiveness, and increased management efficiency via a robust and low cost monthly cloud service.

The Tallac SD-Branch ECP100-5P is a cloud-based device that integrates an internet gateway, gigabit POE switching capabilities, and AC power control and automation with LTE/4G cellular modem failover capabilities into a new class of device delivering branch office automation. The Tallac SD-Branch ECP100-5P is managed via the Tallac Cloud - a proven cloud-based solution that provides configuration, zero touch installation, and robust management and automation of your network within minutes.

Tallac's SD-Branch solution delivers a new level of remote site automation to branch offices delivering the skills of your best onsite IT tech via a low cost automated 24 X 7 remote cloud service. Key benefits of the Tallac SD-Branch solution include:

    --  Automated WAN Recovery: The ECP100-5P will continuously monitor WAN and
        internet connectivity and will initiate an automated power cycle of the
        internet modem and router to recover internet access in the event of an
        internet connectivity issue. The automated routine will notify the
        administrator and can be configured for each branch office situation
        including the specific number of retry attempts and wait times before
        each power cycle. The ECP100-5P will also provide ongoing WAN and
        internet monitoring and statistics.

    --  Automated Remote Power Control: The ECP100-5P allows remote power
        cycling and can be configured to initiate power cycles remotely on
        command, based on activities or events, or at specific times that can be
        repeated on a regular scheduled cycle. Remote power reboots provide
        improved responsiveness and uptime at the branch office. Performing
        regularly scheduled power cycles can also improve overall performance
        and reliability of the network and schedules can be customized per
        device or site. With the ECP100-5P, it is also easy to configure a
        schedule for when power is available to specific devices to enable
        customization and better security in the branch office or remote

    --  Automated Failover to LTE/4G: The ECP100-5P is able to detect when the
        normal internet connection is unavailable and can be configured to
        automatically redirect specific business critical traffic (specific
        virtual networks) to an LTE/4G connection to provide business continuity
        for important business critical applications.
    --  Discovery and Secure Access to Networked Devices: The ECP100-5P and
        Tallac's SD-Branch Cloud Management will discover all networked devices
        in the branch office and provide secure VPN access. The cloud service
        will be used to establish a secure connection to the LAN allowing access
        to the local network, web UI, and console of any type of networked
        device such as printers, local storage, routers, and security devices.

Tallac SD-Branch allows customers and MSPs to rapidly design and deploy a complete low-cost automated branch office solution that provides:

    --  Secure LAN Services: The Tallac SD-Branch solution provides distinct
        secure LAN services for virtual and physical services supporting mobile
        users, guests, VoIP, security, IoT devices, and other networked devices
        and applications.
    --  Easy Orchestration of Automated Policies: With the Tallac SD-Branch
        solution it is easy to configure and manage automated policies across
        WiFi, Wired, Ethernet, Gateway and across any connected AC powered
        devices enabling intelligence in the cloud and automated action and
        policies to be implemented in the branch office.

The capabilities of the ECP100-5P offer faster responsiveness, better uptime and more efficiency for MSPs and customers:

    --  "The Remote Power control feature is fantastic to have as an option for
        business continuity and efficiency. With this capability, we have been
        able to remotely reboot/restart devices to keep business critical
        applications running without having to send an IT tech onsite. Being
        able to do this at 6AM remotely to resolve the issue within minutes has
        been a lifesaver," said Jeff Zimbalist, CEO of Applied Technology

    --  "The remote site automation capabilities of the Tallac SD-Branch
        solution have improved the ability to support our customers more
        efficiently and cost effectively and also allow us to provide new
        capabilities to improve uptime and business continuity of devices and
        applications at the site," continues Jeff Zimbalist, CEO of Applied
        Technology Solutions.
    --  "If an issue can be solved by a simple reset of the DSL modem, which is
        the solution most of the time, the ECP100-5P can do this automatically
        and remotely. This saves valuable time in restoring the internet,
        especially if no one is on site capable of diagnosing the issue and
        performing the DSL modem reset," commented Guy Herriott, Owner of Fenton
        Herriott Vineyards. "The ECP100-5P plays a critical role in helping to
        ensure our internet and customer credit card sales are up and running
        without having to have a local IT expert at the winery," adds Guy.
        "Which allows us to focus on what we are passionate about - the wine!"

Pricing and Availability

The Tallac SD-Branch ECP100-5P is available now. The list price for the ECP100-5P is $499 and cloud-based subscription services are available on a monthly basis at a list price of $14.99/month. Tallac delivers SD-Branch solutions via MSP partners.

Additional Resources

    --  Tallac SD-Branch Solution Page: http://www.tallac.com/solutions

About Tallac

Tallac Networks is a leader in cloud-based software defined networking (SDN) and SD-Branch solutions. Tallac delivers proven cloud-based networking solutions that are used in many industries with 1 Million captive portal sessions and over 275,000 individual users on the Tallac cloud. Tallac delivers industry-leading SD-Branch remote site automation capabilities enabling a new level of automation and control of the branch office via a cost-effective cloud-based solution. The Tallac SD-Branch solution provides improved uptime and efficiency, business continuity of business critical applications, and faster response and resolution to common branch-office issues without having to send your IT tech on-site.

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