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The Corporación de las Fuerzas Armadas para el Desarrollo Nacional (COFADENA) was created in November of 1972, but was only formalized in 1980.

The founding principles of COFADENA include:

  • The active participation in the economic process of the country, implementing strategic projects in the industrial, agricultural, mining, energy, infrastructure and other sectors, while aligning the goals of the said projects, to national plans for economic and social development.
  • To promote the socio-economic progression of less-developed geographical areas, or sectors of the economy, or in directions involving not surmountable risks for the private sector, through the conduction of studies and the execution of projects and activities, that are justified by their economic, social and/or 'strategic' viability.
  • Create or encourage basic and strategic industries, and participate in these, taking into account the guidelines of national policies, and the actual needs of the nation.
  • Increase the potential of the country's Armed Forces.
  • Implement projects and programs within its fields of action, as entrusted by the National Government, in accordance with its development policies.
  • Promote the country's Constitution, strengthen and expand companies, whether state-owned or of a 'mixed' character, both national and multinational, for the implementation of specific development projects, particularly as far as the local establishment of industries and the rational exploitation of natural resources, transformed by other suitable industries, thus aiding in the achievement of import substitution and subsequent commerialisation.
  • To affirm national sovereignty in border areas, and to support these by creating economic activities through the establishment of production centers, settlements and related infrastructure construction.
  • To promote the development of communities and cooperatives in those regions where COFADENA has carried-out activities, either in relation to its own objectives, or as commissioned by government bodies.
  • To achieve through appropriate financial plans and administrative enforcement, adequate economic autonomy.
  • To create jobs, or to establish the technical and economic conditions leading to their creation.
  • Attend to the integration of marginalized sectors of the Bolivian society, stimulating and directing their active participation in the production process, and ensuring the improvement of their living standards.

At the time of its creation, COFADENA was provided access to more than $50 million of funds for establishing projects and/or activities, in the industrial, military and natural resource exploitation areas. As a result, over the years, some 15 state companies in various related fields emerged, of which 8 are still in opeation today. Namely, COFADENA's entities today include:

  • Fábrica Nacional de Explosivos – FANEXA (MAXAM-FANEXA)
  • Empresa Nacional Automotriz – ENAUTO
  • Fábrica Boliviana de Municiones – FBM
  • Química Básica Boliviana – QUIMABOL
  • Unidad de Explotación de Recursos Hídricos - UERH
  • Unidad de Ejecución De Proyectos de Infraestructura e Ingeniería - UEPII
  • Unidad Ganadera Campo 23 de Marzo - UG
  • Unidad Productiva Agricola Bermejo - UPAB
Corporación de las Fuerzas Armadas para el Desarrollo Nacional (COFADENA) - Pictures

Corporación de las Fuerzas Armadas para el Desarrollo Nacional (COFADENA)

  • Av. 6 de Agosto, Edf. “COFADENA”, No. 2649, La Paz, Bolivia
  • +591 – 22430305
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