Costello Introduces Co-Pilot to Provide Real-Time Question Intel During Sales Calls

INDIANAPOLIS, Feb. 6, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- This morning, Costello announced early results from its Beta program for Co-Pilot, aimed at helping sales teams identify which questions matter most during a sales call.

Sales teams are able to identify which questions and prospective customer answers are most likely to lead to a deal moving from one stage to the next and ultimately to a closed won deal. Using data generated by Co-Pilot, sales leaders can add new plays directly to their team's Costello playbooks to help reps win in critical moments that determine whether or not a conversation will move forward.

With Co-Pilot, Account Executive (AE) teams are able to:

Identify the critical questions in each sales conversation that determine whether or not a conversation will move to the next stage.

See which customer answers make a deal more or less likely to close and give reps real-time guidance to help them when a call is at-risk of going off-track.

"The future of sales is providing sales professionals real-time, artificial intelligence-powered decision support during sales calls," said Frank Dale, CEO and Co-Founder of Costello. "We piloted the feature with a small set of Beta customers and were able to predict with greater than [93%] accuracy whether or not a deal would move forward based on the questions asked."

Co-Pilot will be available to all Costello customers in February. The company's March product release will build upon prior features to provide artificial intelligence-driven recommendations to sales professionals in real-time while they are on prospective customer calls.

This announcement comes on the heels of Costello's Paths and Stage-to-Stage Conversion Visualization releases, which were announced in December 2018 and January 2019, respectively.

About Costello

We live in an era of hyper-competition. In response, sales teams increased the volume of prospecting calls and emails to an all-time high. The result is that buyers no longer give second chances on sales calls. Costello is an A.I. driven conversational playbook platform that helps sales professionals consistently have great conversations with buyers. It identifies the questions that matter most in your sales process and then help your reps beat the competition by guiding them through the critical moments in sales calls that determine whether you win or lose. Visit to learn more.

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