Sparkcentral and Dimension Data Focus on WhatsApp for Customer Service

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 7, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Dimension Data recently began implementing Sparkcentral's technology, after the two companies signed an agreement for the EMEA region. Dimension Data is currently the only technology integrator that distributes Sparkcentral's innovative software in EMEA. The collaboration demonstrates the two firms' strong focus on improving customer experience.

Both companies are firm believers in the future of direct messaging. Sparkcentral grew out of the need to communicate via social media but has increasingly focused on direct messaging in recent years. Dimension Data agrees that contact via social media and messaging apps is where the future of customer communications lies.

"Customer Experience is of paramount importance," says Christoph Neut, Vice President EMEA at Sparkcentral. "In 2019, customers want contact with companies through their preferred communications channels. We meet this need and offer software that not only enables contact through live messaging, social media, and WhatsApp, but also does so by making agents more productive and letting them serve more customers."

Dimension Data believes in Sparkcentral's product, so it decided to collaborate in the entire EMEA region. "Telephony will never disappear completely, but we are seeing other communications channels claiming an ever-bigger slice of the pie," says Philippe Urbain, Solutions Director at Dimension Data. "Many people prefer to make contact using WhatsApp than to wait for interminable minutes in a phone queue."

One of the biggest advantages of Sparkcentral's software is its ease of access for staff and customers alike, but it is also straightforward to implement. "Sparkcentral is a product that runs entirely in the cloud, so it's really simple to get the platform up and running," Urbain explains. Yet companies get a great deal in return. "With WhatsApp and other messaging channels you can do all sorts of things that you can't do over the phone. You can send messages, of course, but you can send photos and videos too. The possibilities are endless."

"Our customers tell us that messaging channels now deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction across all channels," adds Neut. "And at the same time, they are also more efficient, because messaging communication is easier to combine with bots and AI, which enables you to work more cost-effectively," Neut concludes.

Sparkcentral's platform is currently used by a number of well-known names in the Belgian business world. Engie, KBC, Brussels Airport and Argenta Bank are among those who already use the software.

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