Largest Residential Builder Show in U.S. to Showcase Product Innovation & Technology

SAN DIEGO, Feb. 12, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Next week's International Builders Show Feb. 19-21 is expected to draw over 60,000 construction professionals to what is promising to be the most widely attended trade show in more than 10 years.

Each year thousands of contractors, builders and design professionals descend onto the crowded show floor to get first looks at the latest products. From structural hardware to flashings for windows to unique plumbing fixtures, attendees will have more than 1,500 booths to visit during the 3-day event.

"More than any prior year, I see the focus is in bringing quality and simplicity to the forefront of production home building," said Stan Luhr, CEO and a frequent speaker at national builder shows. "The big national companies attract a lot of attention due to the sheer size of their booths, but this year pay attention to the smaller booths where true innovation is on display."

Luhr's Company, AxisPointe, is one of those smaller companies almost lost in the morass of multi-million dollar displays from national companies touting the latest bathtub color. This year, he says, builders need to focus more on HOW to build, rather than the selection of faucets and fencing. AxisPointe's booth (SU1800) provides builders with tools to do more, with less, and do it more efficiently. Unlike traditional software, AxisPointe's InSite Mobile can be up and running in as little as 5 minutes, and at a fraction of the cost of other products.

"We will be sharing with builders the need to be more organized, whether you are a one-man show or manage hundreds of homes," Luhr said. "We have technology tools that will make you a better, more organized and professional builder--no matter your size."

AxisPointe's enterprise software is different than project management software or punch list devices. Built specifically to help builders manage their operations, AxisPointe relies on "checkpoints" to enforce rules a builder wants followed. These checkpoints help young employees understand the need for delivering quality, and minimizing the risks and defects commonly associated with construction.

Since inception, Luhr's checkpoints have been answered nearly 100 million times and a lot has been learned in the process, such as how complex components must be broken down into manageable process steps to ensure consistency. AxisPointe's software includes InSite Mobile(TM), an award-winning mobile app that helps field users track construction and answer specific quality checkpoints to ensure quality. If something is amiss, a simple click refers the action item to the specific trade contractor responsible for correcting the mistake, in real time.

This year AxisPointe will demonstrate its new InSite Funding(TM) Dashboard and field verification system, another industry first and one that Luhr says will disrupt the 50-year-old inefficient bank draw methods. "InSite Funding(TM) builds upon our insurance-approved software to slash days off the cycle time and get both the builder and the lender on the same platform to instantly share data in real time," Luhr said.

InSite Funding(TM) integrates information from the jobsite in real time to verify the percentage of completion, using GPS-enabled photos and checkpoints to track the job progress. Builders rely on the software every day to help them manage their jobs more efficiently, while automatically sharing important information needed to verify the bank draw request. The result is elimination of paperwork, increased job visibility, significant cost savings, and reduced cycle times from several days to just minutes, according to Luhr.

"Gone are the days where a small builder must apply for his money, wait 10 or 20 days and go through the very annoying inspection process," Luhr said. He added that AxisPointe's GPS technologies have been used and approved by the nation's largest builder insurance companies to verify quality and compliance, so it makes sense to leverage the same technology for the financial lending market.

At the banking side, loan officers need only view one online dashboard to see the status of every account, every required document and loan activity. When a draw has been approved by AxisPointe's experienced staff, the loan officer can review any information on one screen and approve the bank draw in minutes.

InSite Funding(TM) operates seamlessly with InSite Mobile® in the field to capture valuable data and photos of the construction process, often a requirement of the insurance company also concerned about project risk.

"It just makes so much sense to integrate the insurance needs with that of the lender, since they are in need of nearly the same information," Luhr said. He added, "The builder uses one platform for controlling internal risk, quality, job safety, and now--bank draws, a win-win for everyone involved."

Trade professionals interested in attending the IBS Show in Las Vegas Feb. 19-21 can get a free pass from AxisPointe, for a limited time. Visit AxisPointe's website at for more information.

About AxisPointe
Since 2002 AxisPointe has provided home builders and contractors with technology solutions to eliminate construction risk and improve efficiency. AxisPointe's HomeProfile® document management solution has been employed on thousands of homes by leading builders. Contractor and Builder support services include risk management services, quality assurance and job schedule management, project quality assurance and control systems, project document storage and archiving, customer service management, work order ticket assignment, insurance certificate management, Wrap-Up administration and post-warranty claims support. AxisPointe's InSite Mobile® app empowers builders to eliminate defects and document the construction quality to avoid claims. AxisPointe SaaS services are completely hosted, eliminating storage and backup overhead for builders of all sizes.

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