Mitratech Acquires CMPG Risk Solutions to Strengthen Its Enterprise Compliance Suite with Best-in-Class Vendor Risk Management

AUSTIN, Texas, June 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Mitratech, a leading provider of legal and compliance software, today announced its acquisition of CMPG, LLC. By adding CMPG's products to its existing Enterprise Compliance Suite (ECS), Mitratech will reinforce what's already the first-ever end-to-end range of software solutions for elevating corporate risk management, data privacy, and information governance.

CMPG is focused on providing software solutions for the financial services, healthcare, and insurance industries. Its two main products are:

    --  VendorInsight®, an award-winning Vendor Risk Management (VRM) solution.
    --  Procipient®, an easy-to-use, next-generation universal Enterprise Risk
        Management (ERM) solution.

Both products fit seamlessly into Mitratech's Enterprise Compliance Suite, a portfolio of integrated solutions empowering risk and compliance teams to meet the obligations imposed by a growing universe of regulations.

"We're excited to be able to make CMPG's solutions available to our current Mitratech clients," says Mike Williams, CEO of Mitratech, "and we're excited that CMPG customers now can have access to a broad range of risk and compliance solutions from Mitratech."

With the inclusion of enterprise and vendor risk management, Mitratech now provides a comprehensive set of risk and compliance management tools that marry top-down visibility and oversight with the ability to enforce regulatory and corporate compliance throughout their business and its vendor ecosystem.

"Both VRM and ERM are growing rapidly," Mike Williams says, "since managing vendor risk has become so critical in highly regulated industries. It's where companies face the most risk today."

"I am excited for our customers and our respective organizations to have this tremendous opportunity," says Grant Karnes, CEO of CMPG. "VendorInsight® and Procipient® complement Mitratech's Enterprise Compliance Suite extremely well. More importantly, our organizations share an emphasis on innovation, delivery excellence, and customer satisfaction. This ensures our users are actively involved and understood as we move forward with our product roadmap."

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