The Albatros Joins the Elegant Range of Lazuli Sailboats for a Timeless Cruise on the Nile...

CHICAGO, Feb. 13, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Lazuli Voyages, Egyptian company specialized in small sailing cruises on the Nile, has announced its newest boat. The Albatros, as the bird in Charles Baudelaire's famous poem, is the name of the new and authentic dahabieh.

Sitting in comfortable chairs on the upper deck, or lying on pillows, in the shade of stretched canvases, travelers slide along the river Nile shores, sipping a glass of fresh carcadé (infusion of hibiscus flowers, an Egyptian specialty) and refreshing with a scented rose water towel ...

With a length of 35 meters, the Albatros offers its 12 passengers, neat comfort and decoration in its 4 cabins and 2 suites with private terrace.

All amenities are provided on board: private bathroom and toilets, shower, hairdryer, fresh water, etc.

At the front of the boat, the library decorated with cushions, rugs and decoration confer an oriental charm to the dahabieh, an invitation to travel highlighted by two decks to contemplate the Nile valley.

Like the sacred boats of the Pharaohs, the Albatros slides along the Nile shores offering many cultural stages to its modern navigators. The temple of Karnak, well known for its hypostyle hall, or the temple of Philae, moved by UNESCO between 1972 and 1980 to be saved from the waters, and El Kaab, a 5000-year old city, are a preview of these "rendez-vous" with the myths, legends and history of Egypt.

Sailing on a real dahabieh with a shallow draft is also the opportunity to meet the fishermen life aboard traditional feluccas or "sandals" filled with sugar cane. During the cruise, passengers can also discover small islands such as Fawaza and enjoy a barbecue dinner in a setting of date palms, with "darbouka" drums rhythm.

Lazuli company, symbol of luxury and authenticity in the selection of its boats declines 3, 4 and 5 days cruises aboard traditional dahabiehs sailing from Luxor to Aswan.


About Lazuli

Lazuli, an Egyptian company specialized in up-scale cruises, proposes to "live" the river Nile and discover historical sites in a traditional way, aboard real sailing dahabiehs. Inspired by the sacred boats of the Pharaohs, the 5 dahabiehs' names are: Lazuli I, King Farouk: 5 cabins including 1 suite with private balcony, Lazuli II, Gordon Pasha: 6 cabins including 2 suites with private balcony, Lazuli III, L 'Orient: 6 cabins with private individual balcony, L'Albatros: 4 cabins and 2 suites with private terrace and the Luxor. All boats are equipped with internet access, DVD player with video projector, fresh water, air conditioning, etc. These elegant boats slide along the banks of the famous river, from Luxor to Aswan offering couples, family and friends (2 to 12 guests) many cultural and timeless stages through 3, 4 and 5 days programs.

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