Long-Term Agreement With Astranis Space Technologies Corp.

Copenhagen, Denmark April 2th, 2019 -  Terma is pleased to announce that a long-term agreement for delivery of T1 Star Trackers has been signed with Astranis Space Technologies Corp.

Astranis is designing the next generation of smaller, lower-cost geostationary telecommunication satellites and is currently building their first satellite which will cover the entire state of Alaska, including the Aleutian Islands with Ka-band broadband connectivity through a lease agreement with Pacific Dataport Inc.

The T1 is our newest generation of arc second class Star Trackers ideally suited for high profile long-life missions and builds on significant flight heritage from past missions. A highly compact and low-power design provides high accuracy, reliability, and robustness even in the most demanding orbits.
A Star Tracker is an autonomous digital camera that determines a satellite's orientation (attitude) in a matter of seconds using star constellation recognition. The attitude determination is continuously updated by tracking catalog stars in the field of view, at a rate of up to 10 Hz with arc-second (1/3600 of a degree) accuracy.

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